Monday, December 30, 2013

Frozen showers and Skype calls

Well today..... amazingly.... is hot!!!! As of right now the skies are clear and out laundry has a chance of maybe getting dry for once! That would be nice not to wear wet clothes and wet shoes for once:) I had to give that elders jacket back, so I'm glad that it is starting to get warm again:)
Although the weather is warm.... the bucket showers are still... not warm. I imagine that the showers that we take here in Ballesteros, feel something close to what falling off of the titanic would feel..... but every single day!

We finally saw some progression in the area this week. We were a little tired of not having anyone progress or come to church, so we decided to bag everyone and contact all of our referrals.... the standard for new investigators in one week is 8.... we might have gotten 29. It worked a little, we had 3 investigators at church!!!!

The other sisters have been having a lot of success on their side of the area and have been having a lot of baptisms.... I think that I have sung more musical numbers here in the last two weeks than I have in my entire life!!! But as long as it is for a baptism, I guess that it is okay.

We had to check the elders apartments this week..... the apartment wasn't bad.... but man the travel was a pain in the butt! It took us six hours to check on the apartment!!! We are so poor now!!! I can't imagine back when it was Sister Woahn and Sister Tauti checking all of cagayan! Yikles! That is a lot of travel! They are great examples to me!!!

So..... I GOT TO SKYPE WITH MY FAMILY THIS LAST WEEK! It was really great but really stressful! I was supposed to skype with them at 1 pm.... we had district meeting an hour away until 12..... then we went and checked some other elders apartment, then we waited for a jeepney.... and waited.... and waited....FINALLY it came. Got to the Ballesteros Junction and got in a tryce. OF COURSE we had to be the FIRST inside of the tryce.... they wait until they have 8 to leave. more waiting...... after 45 minutes.... finally left. SLOWEST TRYCE EVER!!!!!!!! we were barely moving. I was thinking "can I get out and walk please? It will be faster."

Finally got to town and got to Skype with my family:) It was the greatest part of Christmas:) Last skype of the mission:)

Christmas here was something a little different.... seeing as how it was pouring rain and we still went out finding:) But our meals..... were plentiful. Every house that we taught at felt that they needed to feed us..... ugh!!! I was soooooooo full! I've never eaten so much in my entire life! We had 5 lunches and 3 dinners! I thought that I was going to puke!!!!! we ate: Spaghetti, Pancit, vegetables, fish, rice, graham cake, noodles.... and so so much more when we got home, we all looked at each other and just said.... would it be okay with everyone if we didn't cook dinner tonight? needless to say.... it was fine with everyone.
Everyone thinks that Sister Shrack and I are twins.... we are both white.... I guess that basically qualifies us.

The branch missionaries threw us a Christmas party! It was really great and we had a lot of fun!.... Another Musically number.

Love you all! Love Sister Schultz!

That moment when:

-I stopped worrying about not having tissue at the public restroom because I was busy worrying about how I had to go to the bathroom.... on the floor!
-You wear wet clothes everyday because they wont dry in the freezing cold wet weather.
-You dump a bucket of ice water on your head and scream.
-When you are walking into the kitchen, see a cockroach run across the table, but still continue doing what you were doing.
-You realize that it's not actually normal to walk across a river on a small branch to get to your appointment on the other side.

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