Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bowling and chest x-rays

Well I can't really remember anything from this last wee cause MLC was so fun.... so I will just tell you all about MLC.
We have to go down to Laoag every first Monday of the month for leadership training and this was my first time to go.... possibly my last:) So on the way down I rode the bus with 12 other missionaries:) One of them being Elder Reber (he was in my district in the MTC) When we got there on Sunday night, we stayed in the Laoag 3 apartments.... I was sooooo excited because I was going to get to take a hot shower.... well it turns out that the Laoag 3 apartment is the only one in the whole apartment complex that DOESN'T have hot water..... story of my life. BUT it was really fun staying there with A) Sister Woahn- My first companion B) Sister Sabio- My first trainee and C) Sister Walker my second companion..... looks like Sister Smith will probably be getting a call soon haha joke lang.

 The next morning (yesterday morning) We headed to the stake center for the trainings, where I got to see Elder Ewell also.... he was also in my district in the MTC..... AND!!!!! SISTER TAUTI!!!! I love Sister Tauti!!!! She is the greatest! She is going home next transfer.... or is she? Nope. It turns out that they have problems with our exit visas.... so she is actually going home 3 weeks early. I cried.... many times. 

The trainings were really fun and then afterwards we all went and ate at Robinsons. I Saw my old investigator there!! Love her!!! but!.... she told my I was really fat... not true.... still love her.
Then we went bowling.... not like we do in the states.... it was literally like a shot put that you rolled down the lane. It was way fun! I didn't get past 50.... I suck:) but lets be serious, who really IS good at bowling like that? No one.

Then we had more trainings and went home:) I told all of the younger missionaries about the time I left my companion and ran after the bus because I left my wallet on it..... still such a great story.
This morning I had to get a chest x-ray.... don't worry I'm not dying, we all have to get them before we go home.... since I only have 9 weeks left, it was time.:) 

9 is the magic number:) We will see if it changes:)

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