Monday, March 25, 2013

A little orange hair to spice things up

okay... so the story of the week just happened a couple of hours ago.... not really, but  we will pretend. So we deided that it would be a good idea to get our hair reboinded... which is a fancy way of saying straightened. Dont worry it was a good idea.  what is the bad idea is when they said that they woulkd die it brown so the tips would matched the rest of my hair.... what they really meant was that they were going to die it fire orange! I'm soo happy.... thats a joke)

In other news, we had zome training this last week which means that I got to hang out with Sister Woahn!!! Yes! She's so awesome! The training was super great too.... maybe a bit on the long side, but still good.

We also have been teaching alot this week adn seeing a lot of progression in the area. This weekend we have a baptism that we are really excited for and I'm looking forward sooo much already to may when I get to skype with you all again!!!!! Anyways... I hate to computer.. so you get a short email.... love you !

Monday, March 18, 2013

Training again?

Well we didn't have an activity with the other district, so no Sister Woahn, but the actvity was still way way fun! We all met at the church and had pizza and camote delight and then we went to the beach and played around, it was a ton of fun!
The Elders in my district are all so funny!!! Don't worry Cache I don't love any of them:) Our district is actually really funny because there are 6 americans 1 phillipino and one from fiji.... we are pretty much the biggest group of white people in the whole philippines.
This morning we got kidnapped in our appointments.... we taught one and then the house next door was like teach us! Then we were supposed to go and email and stuff but they were like no you are going to eat lunch here with us! So we wrote letters while we were there.... rememeber how e had pizze later? Well i was reallly looking forward to the pizza at the activity and then they force fed me rice. I was not happy about it.... i still ate pizza later though:)
There is a growing chance that I will be in this area for another 3 months.... that makes 9 months in one area.... pray for me. I love and miss you all!!! thanks for your emails..... which I am now allowed to reply to!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Super short

Super lame super short blog.

Things are going good this week. We had two baptisms! Yaya go us! On Sunday we had 15 investigatorscome to church and the meeting house was packed for stake conference. Luckily I didn't have to play the piano. Everything has been going really well this week. I have been sick most of the week but we just keep working through it:) Heavenly Father will give me the strength to keep going right?!?! Anyways.... thats all!!! Sorry this is lame I will send pictures!

Monday, March 4, 2013

One time I left my wallet on the bus


This weeks story of the week Wins first place overall!

So This week on Thursday we had district meeting in Vigan, it's like an hour bus ride, and when we were there in Vigan because it is like a touristy area I bought some bags as souvenirs for people for when I come back. So when i bought them, I put my wallet in the bag too. My wallet with my debit cards and drivers license..... So when you get on buses here if you have groceries and stuff you just give them to the bus money collector man and he puts everything up at the front and then hands it to you went you get off. Well I was at the very front of the bus and my companion was in this middle and there was a movie playing. I was trying very hard not to watch the movie, but curse you Kerby Heyborn for being in it! I was very distracted needless to say.
 So after awhile this bus money collector man starts to ask me some questions.... "How old are you? Where do you live? Are you single?" THOSE kinds of questions.... needless to say I DID NOT want to talk to him cause he was a little on the slimy side if you know what I mean. Lucky for me I have this great tool called "pretend you don't speak Tagalog or English and they will leave you alone." BUT! It didn't work! HE persisted!!! He was asking me for my phone number and if he could hang out with me sometime, I was very much done with the conversation and ready to get off of the bus.
FINALLY!!!! We get to Sinait and get off the bus! What a relief! I was sooo happy. And as the bus is pulling away I remember.... no bag. CRAP!!! I left my bag with my wallet on the bus!!! (Inward battle going on inside my head: Leave your companion? Or never see your wallet again?".... leave your companion won...) So I throw my other bag to my companion and take off after the bus! The whole time I'm thinking, "Oh man I'm so disobedient.... worst. missionary. ever." I stayed pretty much in pace with the bus for a half a mile when a tricycle driver saw me running so fast and picked me up. Together the tricycle driver and I caught the bus! The bus man was SO happy to see me again but I was just happy to have my wallet!!!
My companion turns out had been right behind me the whole time in another tricycle so she caught up all the way when the bus stopped.
Being the trainer.... I had to set a good example and call and tell the mission president that I had been disobedient and broken the rules.... I cried.... but he said it was okay and I wasn't in trouble! YES! Success!!! Success number # We had two baptismal interviews this week and they both passed!!! Yes!! So next week we will have two baptisms!!! I'm pretty excited! 
Another blurb about exchanges
We went on exchanges a couple of weeks ago and I was supposed to go with Sister Seu and Sister Pagalaran with Sister Sabio... well we got there and who pulled up but Sister Woahn and Sister Serapia!!! What!?!?!/ It turns out that they changed the exchanges, but no one told us about it!!! Was I the happiest person ever?!?!?! I would most definitely say yes!!! It was so great to get to work with Sister Woahn again for realz!!! We had so much to talk about and it was great to just get to talk to someone who understood every single thing that I was saying! Her Tagalog and teaching have really taken off and it is awesome to see how much we have both grown since the MTC!!!