Monday, March 18, 2013

Training again?

Well we didn't have an activity with the other district, so no Sister Woahn, but the actvity was still way way fun! We all met at the church and had pizza and camote delight and then we went to the beach and played around, it was a ton of fun!
The Elders in my district are all so funny!!! Don't worry Cache I don't love any of them:) Our district is actually really funny because there are 6 americans 1 phillipino and one from fiji.... we are pretty much the biggest group of white people in the whole philippines.
This morning we got kidnapped in our appointments.... we taught one and then the house next door was like teach us! Then we were supposed to go and email and stuff but they were like no you are going to eat lunch here with us! So we wrote letters while we were there.... rememeber how e had pizze later? Well i was reallly looking forward to the pizza at the activity and then they force fed me rice. I was not happy about it.... i still ate pizza later though:)
There is a growing chance that I will be in this area for another 3 months.... that makes 9 months in one area.... pray for me. I love and miss you all!!! thanks for your emails..... which I am now allowed to reply to!

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