Monday, March 25, 2013

A little orange hair to spice things up

okay... so the story of the week just happened a couple of hours ago.... not really, but  we will pretend. So we deided that it would be a good idea to get our hair reboinded... which is a fancy way of saying straightened. Dont worry it was a good idea.  what is the bad idea is when they said that they woulkd die it brown so the tips would matched the rest of my hair.... what they really meant was that they were going to die it fire orange! I'm soo happy.... thats a joke)

In other news, we had zome training this last week which means that I got to hang out with Sister Woahn!!! Yes! She's so awesome! The training was super great too.... maybe a bit on the long side, but still good.

We also have been teaching alot this week adn seeing a lot of progression in the area. This weekend we have a baptism that we are really excited for and I'm looking forward sooo much already to may when I get to skype with you all again!!!!! Anyways... I hate to computer.. so you get a short email.... love you !

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