Monday, April 1, 2013

Back to normal

Well I am happy to report that my hair is now a beautiful dark brown color:) I am free of the orange. After we emailed on Monday last week I called Sister Barrientos and told her what happened and she said that I could come to Laoag the next day and get it fixed, so we went to the Robinsons there.... I was in HEAVEN!!! for sure a taste of the Celestial kingdom right there! The mall was just exactly like a mall in America:) I was so happy!!! Also when they colored my hair, they gave me a back massage.... okay.... yup celestial kingdom (yes this is false doctrine)

We have an eternal investigator right now that is waiting for news that he can be baptized.... it's a work in progress and there are a lot of complications.... he will always say that he is a die hard mormon haha but there are a few things that I think that he is not quite clear on yet..... anyways we just found out last week that they never sent in his application to be baptized even though they told us in November that they had!!! What the?!?!? I was ticked! So then I had to call people and tell them what was up! I sound confident, but really I was almost crying cause I was so scared lol.
Tomorrow and Thursday is Sister Woahn and Sister Pamittan's birthday's, and today was withdraw, so I convinced President Barrientos to let us sleepover with the Sister's in Vigan and celebrate their birthdays today (not that it took much convincing, all that I did was ask)! And it was so fun!!! we all had lunch this afternoon at the Demars couple's apartment and also brownies and ice cream! It was so much fun!!! I love those Sister's so much!!! I cry every time after we leave their apartment....  of course Sister Woahn is there so it makes it that much harder for me, but really they are all so great!!!
Speaking of the Demars couple, I am not sure if I have told you all about them, So I will do so now, They are a senior couple that is assigned in the Vigan area and they will spend their whole mission there. They work with us every Tuesday and I just love them!! They are always taking care of us and helping with all of the really hard questions! When I get transferred, I'm for sure going to miss them!! They are basically my mission parents.
Because this blog is especially long, and I have no time to email today, everyone's personal emails are going to be quite short.... sorry) but just know that I love you!!!
Oh yeah! Because my hair is still in the rebonding process or whatever.... I'm not supposed to shampoo it for 10 days!!! its disgusting!!!! I am now on day 7.... endure for the sake of beauty's name.
Thank you to all who participated in the surprise for Sister Woahn!!! She loved it! Honestly I think it probably made me more happy than it made her, but that just means that it is like a double whammy!!!!
Sometimes here I see people do or say things, and I just think.... "what were you thinking when you just said/did that? that was a dumb idea. Like when we were walking on the street the other day and someone walked up to me and said, "you're fat" and then they walked away....... why would you do that? Surprisingly that happens all the time to all of the Americans here, girls at least, so there's just one example for you of the culture here.

We have transfers this next week.... I can feel it coming! It's going to be so hard, but I checked the turkey timer and I'm pretty much done in this area, it needs someone new:( Maybe I will get transferred to Vigan!!! Love you alll!!! Write me!!!
Here's a fun added bonus. I (Cathy) went to a play in Salt Lake this past week and I told Julie I was going and she told me that her favorite Sister Woahn's sister was in the play so being the creeper I am I tracked her down afterward and we got a picture together.

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