Monday, April 15, 2013

Nothing says Mission like icy water and EFY Zumba

So I finally took my first bucket shower in the Philippines! It's actually not as awful as I thought that it would be. Sure the first ice cold bucket of water it a little much to handle, but other than that it isn't so bad... I actually quite enjoy it! The area here is a lot different from my other area, its still farm lands, but its sooo pretty here! A lot more palm trees and a lot less dirt, the tricycles here are pretty funny looking, they kind of look like little bullet trains haha, you probably only know what that is if you area  Schultz or a Walker:) But they are a lot more comfortable to ride in when you are wearing a skirt:)
Redemption finally has come for my poor starving soul!!! My kabahays (the sisters who share my house) like to go running in the morning! Thank you for all of your prayers in my behalf!!! haha I'M SOOO HAPPYYYYY!!!! This is good, because all of them really are great at cooking and we eat.... all the time!!!! In the mornings though when it is raining, we just do some Zumba! It's a little boring doing Zumba to EFY music, but it's still fun and we laugh a lot when we do it:)

The other day we had a district meeting and then afterwards we went to lunch with the elders, it blows my mind that I am in the Philippines, a kabillion miles away from my house and I am eating lunch with Ryan Thurston! That's just so crazy!!! But awesome at the same time!

He comes home in May so he said that he would bring a memory card:) Also like I said Elder Ewell is my DL, he gave great training using matchbox cars the other day:)

We found this treasure of a fatty snail on our faucet this morning when we went to do our laundry.

This spider has been creepin around my desk for awhile.... so I broke the 6th commandment and killed it!!!!... I will repent.

Love you all!

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