Monday, April 22, 2013

Cockroaches and spiders. Blek.

So this weeks blog! First thing is first! We went to a wedding this week! Yaya!!! One of the investigators of the other sisters was getting married! So we got to go with them! It was way awesome a lot of people came for it and they had a lot of support!
At the beginning of the week I wrote in my planner to write about the cockroach..... but now here it is a week later and we have had so many battles with cockroaches this last week that I can't even remember what the cockroach story was that I was going to tell you! This beauty of a spider though!! Holy Cow! If I hadn't have been going to the bathroom already when I saw this giant I probably would have peed my pants! So you know how late at night when you have to go to the bathroom it's like the whole world hates you and your life couldn't get any worse? Slowly and grudgingly you roll yourself out of bed and shuffle your way to the door all the time tripping over things as you go. In the dark you feel your way down the stairs and go into the bathroom, you turn on the light and quickly shut your eyes as much as possible so that the light doesn't wake you up? Well no imagine that you are in a tiny little bathroom and with your eyes mostly shut you see something large and brown a foot in front of you on the door. You open your eyes and what do you see!?!?!? Practically a tarantula!
I thought for sure that I was a goner!! Yup.... no longer half asleep! I got out of there as quick as possible! Yes! I lived to tell the tale! It took me a good hour to fall back asleep after that! I thought that I was gonna get eaten at any second!
This week we went on my first splits! Where we work with members of the ward and not with our companion. It was kind of hard because I don't really know the area yet or any of the investigators, but it was still really good, I worked with Sister Everly:) She was a really great teacher too so it wasn't even awkward when she would teach stuff:)

The picture of me where my arm is super white is us in a tricycle this morning, there was 8 of us crammed inside of it!!!! I was just kid of plopped in at the end and my legs were hanging out of the back:) It was fun!

My sister Send me mac and cheese in the package that I just got from her.... its pretty much like gold to me, so when I put it into the fridge, I attached this warning:)

I also got a package from my mom this week that had my new journal in it! It's a good thing too because I had just run out of space in my other one!!!! yes.... the old journal once looked like this new one:) What can I say? Things get fat when they come to the Philippines.... I am partially proof of that:)

This is rice drying.... they just put it wherever they want.... on the road.... the driveway... just wherever, we are always driving over it

And last week when I sent my letters they ran out of big amount stamps.... so we plastered it with little amount stamps.... hopefully it makes it there.....

Love you all !!!! I'm Awesome write me a letter!

-Sister Julia Schultz

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