Monday, December 9, 2013

Keep on keepin' on

well this week there isn't that much to report. I feel like I am being obedient but Satan is just dragging me down. Why is success so hard to find and then so hard to hold onto? This week two of my RC's decided that they don't want to come back to church:( One of them moved to Manila and the other one runs from us whenever we come to teach her:( My heart breaks a little.

Studies are really good. It seems like no matter where I decide to study, the Nest thing I pick up always relates to what I was just studying. Gotta love the way that the Lord works sometimes:)... or don't, but either way you are going to have to endure it, so you might as well just learn to love it!
Not much else to report on this week. We had AN AMAZING MOVIE NIGHT AT TH ECHURCH THOUGH! we had ten investigators come! Success! We watched 17 miracles.... but then the next day at church we only had 3 investigators come.... and only one of them had come to movie night the night before:(..... but! I love the two new investigators that we have! They are older and they actually live in Canada they are just visiting their family here, but they are soooo funny! I love them so much! I hope they get baptized! Oh I hope I hope!
16 down... 3 to go.

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