Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

This week has been really great! As you all know, I was transferred to a new area. I really really miss Paoay. But I am excited to have the opportunity to be serving her in Ballesteros. Especially with Sister Gadiano as my companion:) She is the greatest! It is complete black and white change from the last companion:) Although the  companion is super great.... the apartment could definitely use some serious TLC. I've been scrubbing the walls since I got here, and I still can't tell what color they are really supposed to be.
We have one investigator here that is really ready for baptisms, Sister Sheryl. She is so great and she really wants to be baptized, she just cant see the relation between coming to church and being baptized... it's kind of an important part of the whole process.

OH!!! Here in Cagayan.... they call it America..... Why? You might ask.... It is FREEZING COLD HERE! It's always pouring rain and everything is frozen! How did this happen!?!?! I thought that I was in the Philippines! My feet are always soaked and wet and covered in mud. I finally stole one of the jackets that an Elder was wearing yesterday until I can buy one for myself. Poor Elder.... But at least I'm warm:) No packages for Christmas:( That's sad:( but at least!.... Sister Shrack is going to make no bake cookies.... I'm okay with that.

Everyone here thinks that Sister Shrack and I are twins.... not surprising since we both have red hair and white skin.... but still....
This week.... I want to watch Christmas in Connecticut.... I would say that that is mission appropriate.... I would watch it at a baptism:)

The Quotes that I always quote for Christmas all come from the Grinch who Stole Christmas. If you haven't seen it... repent. "Merry Christhmas Martha Mae" "The fires of love." Thith looks like a precious family air loom.... woopsy!"

Things that have become normal to me in the Philippines:
-Riding Side saddle on the back of a motorcycle
-Showering with a bucket
-Flushing with a bucket
-washing laundry... In a bucket.

-Cooking everything in a wok
-Going out to teach people with wet hair
-Men peeing.... anywhere and everywhere
-Wearing flip flops inside the house
-Sweeping everyday and still never getting the floor clean.

I had to think really hard about those things because they are so normal to me.

I hope that you all have a very wonderful Christmas!!! I will see you all for St. Patrick's Day!

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