Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Transfers, transfers

This week: Well!!! Where do I start!! I will start at Christmas Conference! It was amazing! I had sooo much fun! Man there were people there from all over the mission... as in the whole mission was there! That was the first time that the whole mission has been in one place since I have been on my mission. When we first got to the shindig, we had a really nice devotional! I was hoping that we were going to watch the Grinch who stole Christmas.... it didn't happen:( Sad day. But the devotional was really great. Afterwards we went and played sports!!! yes!! Oh yeah! I forgot!!! I hung out with Sister Tauti all through the conference:) Then when se played sports I hung out with Sister Woahn and Sister Lainhart. She is also from Idaho and she is way awesome. At night we had a really nice dinner and then we did skits and dances. Our zone was the BEST! Best in lahat.... or best in all:)
Then this week Shidel came to church!! Man!! I LOVE SHIDEL!!! She really has come to be like my sister while I have been here in Paoay! I Just love all of the people here so much! I am going to miss them all! That Is right I got transferred. I will be going to y new area tomorrow in Ballesteros. Sister Tauti served there and she loved it. I know it will be great, I just will miss Paoay so much!!!! But this transfer will make the next 3 months go by really fast.... that's right. I come home in 3 months. That's so soon! My dad got my travel information this week! I am pretty excited! My family is getting excited and I think that that makes me more excited than I am:) My new companion will be.... I forgot haha I was trying not to cry. That's what girls do when they get transferred:)
I read a really great article in the ensign this morning so I will share my knowledge with you all now:) well it was four different stories and they all were talking about how they had a plan A in their life. They were going to get married after their mission. Or get a job. Graduate from school, or study abroad or something. Anyway, in all four of these stories, their "plan A" fell through and they had to resort to their "plan B" in the end their Plan B ended up being better than they ever could have thought that their Plan A could have turned out. The quote at the end of the article said, "Sometimes when our Plan B is God's Plan A put into reality." ooooo chills:) I like that:) Enjoy!
This week I taught Sister Crook how to eat a fish. with her hands. She likes it now!!! I'll miss that Sister for sure when I leave!
Have a merry Christmas!


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