Monday, November 25, 2013

Kumakaway kaway Paoay

This week has been really good! We have been working really hard and fasting and praying for people and we have seen some good progress in the area. Of course there is opposition in all things, but This week I was really thankful for the members of the branch. Last week we gave talks in church about fellowshipping people when they come to church and this week we had a lot of less-actives and a few investigators come to church and the members really stepped up and took charge of everything. I was really impressed. When we came in they all hugged our Less Actives and sat by them and same with our investigators. Then last night, while we were teaching one of our investigator youth, ALL of the young women came to invite her to an activity and to invite her to join in seminary. Carole Abucay and Athena Baroweden headed the project, but it was very well-organized and I was very impressed.
I hope that the members can really see the change that comes from the Christ like qualities that they are showing.

This week we were supposed to have an activity/fireside at the church and watch a movie and stuff, BUt not of the leadership came so I guess it's bawal to have a fireside without presiding authority, so instead, we just watched a good church movie and then everyone went home.... at least the movie was inspirational.

Still working hard. we all have weaknesses, I just hope that mine don't keep me from doing what I am supposed to be doing with the time that I have left on the mission and with my mission here on the earth.

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