Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm alive

To start off with just so that everyone knows, I am fine, my area wasn't affected at all by the typhoon. We didn't even see a rain loud it was clear and beautiful here! I really love it here, and we are still praying that all of the other missionaries over in that area of the Philippines are okay and safe.
My new companion is Sister Rico and I love her! She is a little ball of energy!  Definitely miss sister Smith, but change is good and hey! I only have 2 transfers left after this so who can really complain!?!! 

I played with a monkey this week... he is my new best friend!

On Sunday we had no power at the church! It was a long hot day! And at the very end... yes right after the closing prayer, the power came back on... curse you Satan!!!

We were followed by a creepy man with a machete this week... don't worry we ran away and escaped, so it was all good! I'm just glad that my companions is good at running! That's definitely another plus about our companionship! We go running every other day! I am so happy!!!

Sister Rico fell off a tryce this week... she is for sure my companion now!!! Love you all! Have a great week!!!



    Is this the same Sister Smith that was Julia's companion?


      Is this the same Sister Smith that was Julia's companion?