Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bananas bananas everywhere

Gonna be a shorter one this week cause pictures took a long time to upload.
On the way home list week there was a little boy in a red shirt on the jeepney and his shirt was Yellowstone national park. Awww. So I gave him a licorice and then he jumped across the jeepney and gave me a kiss:) So cute.... a little against the rules, but what can you do, I had no warning.
The highlight of my week was seeing SISTER WOAHN!!! yeah! We had fingerprinting in Laoag on Tuesday and So I got to see EVERYONE!!! and by everyone I mostly mean Sister Woahn and Sister Tauti, But it was way fun and I was so happy to get to see them! I love those two!!!

We had a great FHE this week... we didn't find out till 10 seconds before that we were in charge of it, but it was still really fun, we played Simon says... in English cause you have to go to fast for it to work and I cant think that fast in Tagalog, but they loved it!!!

We did another service project! Picking bananas! It was way fun and I had to go across a river on one tiny piece of bamboo! Etcha sketch! But it was way fun.... now we have 500 bananas... actually 498.... I counted.
Evidently.... ants like to eat garments... so..... ours are extra "holy" now haha.
And last but definitely not least! We had a baptism! Part memebr, her name is Nekee. She is so cute! I love her! Enjoy the pics!

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