Saturday, October 26, 2013

Movie night and picket fences

well this week was another really great week. There was this one part that sucked way bad. So apparently they had like this great inspirational speaker come and talk to all of the missionaries in our zone and everyone was invited.... except for Paoay.... no one bothered to tell us about it, so we just slaved away and everyone else got to go to Laoag and be spiritually uplifted. But that's fine whatever! I'm  motivated on my own!
This week I went on exchanges with Sister Cabato in their area in San Nicholas. It was way fun and we taught a lot of lessons, but I was way sick and felt like crap the whole day. There was one way funny part though. Our last lesson, we were teaching their investigator about prayer and we asked him if he prayed. He said yes and so we asked him when he prayed. He said in the morning, at night and before he takes a shower..... I was like, "you pray before you take a shower?!?! He said, Yes Sister! I don't want to slip and die while I'm in there!" haha I laughed so hard.
This week we had a branch movie night at the chapel. Well we requested it last week to the BML and he said that he would get back to us during the week if we could do it. So he never got back to us even though we texted him a bunch of times. Then on Friday (the day that we were supposed to have the activity) The Branch President stopped by our apartment to ask if we could do a service project at the school. blah blah yes we can. And then we just asked about the movie night and he was like oh yeah! You are having that tonight right?   Well other than the fact that we hadn't told any of our investigators and so no one knew... I'm sure that it's going to be good right? haha so we ran around telling and texting everyone and we had a small handful that were interested. So it rolls around to the time of the activity and we get to the church with out investigators and no BML..... So we asked his brother where he is and he reports that he just went to go and get something but that the room was all set up. SO we go in the room and the worlds smallest projector is set up.... uh.... where's the projector? DVD player? anything? nothing. so we are freaking out cause the activity is going to suck and we have all of these investigators there and then one of our favorite members of the branch come, and we just say. Please help us! And bam! He saves the day! He just happened to have access to a projector, had his laptop and a DVD player thing and sound cords.... all in his backpack! Thank you Heavenly Father for helping him be prepared! Needless to say that activity turned out well and everyone really enjoyed watching The Testaments... I mean who wouldn't though?
On Saturday we had an FHE at one of our 15 focus families house's. I love that family! They just need to come to church! FHE is a little bit different here in the fact that instead of FAMILY home evening.... it's more of a "invite everyone in the branch" kind of thing. I love them! It's a great way or the less actives to feel fellowshipped!
This morning was the day of our service project! It was really great and most all of the zone was there! We painted a fence at the elementary school. When we say painted though, I don't want you to imagine a picket fence or anything, they are metal pain in the butt fences! You know that part in James and the Giant Peace where James is painting the fence white with like a white out pencil or something? That's basically what we were doing. We started out with 36 of us and ended four hours later with only six of us who endured to the end. Celestial kingdom is hard work, but you just gotta endure to the end!
Love you all! Write me!

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