Saturday, October 26, 2013


This week was a really great and really successful week. Once again it seems that time has just flown by and I don’t know where any of it has gone! So Today…. Marks 150 days left in the mission! I’m pretty excited about it if I do say so myself! Don’t get me wrong or anything, I love the Philippines and I LOVE my mission… I just love my family more. J Luckily for me my family is just growing in this area because I love the people so much! One family in particular that I just love so much is Sister Anne and Shidel Dela Cruz! They are like our best friends! We love them so much! They just need to get baptized so that we can kita kits (see ya!) in Heaven! Sounds like a great plan!

This week we actually taught a really great member lesson…. I'm not really one for liking to teach member lessons…. Unless they feed me of course, but this one was actually to way less actives whose little two year old son just died. It was so sad, we fasted for him, but it was just his time. Lucky for us we knew that he went straight to Heaven, pero his mom thought that he went straight to hell because he was never baptized. We taught and read with her and she just cried the whole time! She was so happy!

Sister Smith has a knack for attracting bats here in the Philippines, they swoop down to her face almost every night, I secretly think that she is bat woman…. Which is okay because apparently I am Britney Spears…. According to like 30 Filipinos J Bat woman and Britney Spears…. Who could ask for a better team!?!?!|

Man! We were teaching this one slightly crazy family this last week and they were the last appointment of the day, so it was like 8:30 and after the appointment we started to walk home, and the 30 year old slightly drunken weirdy son started to walk with us…. We were like uhhhh… no that’s okay brother we can just go on our own…. Told him to get lost basically and he just wasn’t gonna give up. He “wanted to see where we lived…” That wasn’t going to happen. So we lied and told him that we had to go to town and get dinner…. He reasoned that there were no tryces so he would just walk us ALL THE WAY to town and then walk us home…. Praying praying…. We were about a block from our house when salvation finally came in the form of a late night tryce. Sorry brother! See ya! We took the tryce all the way into town…. Then…. Walked all the way back home. We were late to curfew, but it was for a good cause.

We are teaching a couple of less actives that I really love. Brother Madarcos was offended by the missionaries… he still won’t come back to church… we still love him. And Sister Percy was offended by her husband… so left the church. We are teaching her 15 year old daughter now and they are totally going to return to the church! And by return, I mean Percy is going to return and her daughter is going to be baptized. J

This week was a great week for the 4 of us in the house. J We were all so tired all of the time that we were just laughing so hard at dinner over nothing. Well, kind of over something, so here in the Philippines everyone has gates outside of their house. Why? No one really knows because they are all stupid gates that you can never open and they are awkward and large and just dumb. Well we started talking about all of the gates that we hate and we were just laughing sooo hard! Man! There are some things that I am going to miss about the Philippines, the gates here, are not one of them.

Conference these last 2 days was of course… AMAZING! I did almost start to cry there at the beginning seeing my home and everything, But the messages were soooo great! My favorite talk was Elder Christofferson’s, but of course they were all really good! It was a little awkward because two of our investigators were there and they are lesbians…. So Elder Oaks pretty much told them what was up! Thanks you Elder Oaks. J

After the conference this lady gave us some GIANT flowers to take home, they are called birds of paradise! They are beautiful and all…. But we had 5 appointments to go to after that! What the heck are we gonna do with giant stalks of flowers!... We just made the YSA’s take them home for us. J They weren’t happy about it, but we were!

Conference was really great! Especially lunch! One of the members fed us and oh boy was it delicious! We had some fried chicken with rice and these creamy sweet milky banana things and vegetables. J Not quite thanksgiving or cinnamon rolls… but I will take it! Also during conference we had some great snackies, thank to the awesomeness of Sister Smith’s Mom!!! Thanks Sister Smiths mom!!! Hey… If I’m Sister Smith’s mom in the mission…. And you are her mom in real life…. Does that kind of make us sisters? What does that make Cathy and Chelsea?

Love the mission! Love the spirit! Love conference! Love teaching! Love Finding! Love members! Love investigators! You only serve a mission once! But I’m totally loving it!

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