Monday, November 18, 2013


This weeks funny story is probably not all that funny to anyone not in the Philippines.... but it's kind of like those "everything is funnier at 3 o clock in the morning" things... bologna sandwich! 

Anyway we were teaching on of our progressing investigators.... of course we had a plan and everything and before we started teaching her, the nanay came and gave us a huge bag of chichacorn.... not the most delicious stuff and she poured us a huge bowl of it and made us eat it... it was kind of gross to tell you the truth. Anyways we taught the lesson and while we were teaching we were just thinking.... she is getting this way to easy.... wow she is so smart! After the lesson and the day were over we got home and realized that we had taught her that lesson just a few weeks ago. We were like, UGH!!! Why did we do that.... and we were tired so we thought that it would be a good idea to talk in a British accent.... so we are freaking out with accents and stuff and we just get super quite after asking why we did that. Then All of the sudden my companion (who is Mexican so that makes it ever better) Yells out, "It. was. the. CHICHACORN!" It was so funny we were laughing so hard! Now whenever something goes bad or wrong we always so... it was the chichacorn!!!   haha baloney sandwich!

We had retention and reactivation this week, where we go out and work with the memebrs to teach less actives and recent converts... have I ever told you that I love Paoay?.... cause I do! They are just so great! Maybe this will be my last area....

I had to give a talk in church yesterday ... I chose to do it in Ilakano.... it was hard.... but they all understood perfectly... I didn't.... but they did haha.

for anyone that is interested, I only have 114 days left... that's 16 weeks... see you all soon!

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