Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thieving magpie

Sometimes. Missionary work is hard! We have been going through all of the former investigators and everyone that is in our area book, but they are all coming up short. L There were definite reasons that they were all dropped. So we decided that it would be a good idea to do some finding but the problem is that our fellowshippers all hate finding and they will just take us to less actives houses…. Which is fine and all if they are on the 15-focus but most of the time they aren’t so it is a little difficult. When we got to the area everyone could only talk about how great our BML was…. Well I’m sure that at some point he was…. But at this point, I’m not too impressed with him. I think that he has a serious phobia of American girls. He will talk to Sister Buduan alright, but when it comes time to talk to the rest of us, it seems like we are the biggest burden in the world. He has yet to put forth any effort to accept our invitations for him to work with us. But despite that, we do for the most part have fellowshippers that always work with us. One of our fellowshippers, Sister Harline, she is the greatest! She works with us all of the time and she has such a love for the work! She is preparing to serve a mission.

This week we have had some pretty great planning…. And then it rained so we weren’t able to go out. It was a little bit of a bummer, but we were able to get through a lot of the training while we were stuck inside all day, and Sister Smith has started to take the lead in most o the lessons! She’s a rock star at missionary work! We are gong to have 25 baptisms in October! Prepare yourself… it’s going to happen.

We have one investigator… I think that he is an eternal investigator. We tried to get him to be baptized this weekend seeing as how he always comes to church and just wont get baptized. Sunday morning pops up and he doesn’t even come to church. After Sacrament meeting Sister Smith and I ran to his house to get him…. He was making pizza and said that he was just going to come next week…. He’s an unprogressing progressing investigator. :(

Then there is Denmark…. He was progressing…. Now he is persecuting. He hates us. But he did give us a great referral and she is gonna get baptized I just know it! Haha the other day we were down the road from his house and he yelled to us in a slight British Accent, “Mormons! I’m Here Mormons!” Well…. At least he is funny sometimes.

We contacted one of our 15-focus this week, Tatay Cu. Haha that’s actually a way funny story! So you pronounce his name, Tatay KO not CU and our fellowshipper said lets go and visit tatay ko… which means my dad in Tagalog…. So the whole time we thought that it was our fellowshippers dad….. nope…. Just the name hahaha we were very confused. He is the cutest little old man! I have never seen so many wrinkles in my whole life! But he is just sop great! The poor guy lives all on his own and doesn’t have a way to get to church. Luckily we have a really great Branch Missionary that will try to pick him up every Sunday, So that will help a lot. It’s nice to see that people are reaching out to others in all that they do.

One day we taught 10 lessons and did some finding at a really big house in our area. It turned out to be perfect! We were just there Tao-poing like crazy and then his son came and opened the door, he arrived at the same time as us. The Tatay turned out to be a college professor and he is very interested in our message and asked us to come back. Lucky to for Sister Smith and I that he speaks really good English! What a blessing!

Sister Smith is so great! I love being her companion! We talk like real friends and laugh like real friends! I haven’t had that since Sister Woahn in the MTC ( and of course a tiny when I shared a house with her and sister Tauti in Cam) but it really is just such a blessing! I love her!!! And she likes to go running! Which…. Let’s be real…. That alone could make me love her!

Church on Sunday was so great!!!! Everyone was being so funny! Even though we couldn’t understand a single word that anyone was saying, we were just laughing so hard!!! Man! I love some Filipinos! In Gospel Essentials the teacher taught in all English and he was like what is the one place that every Filipino wants to go? And the whole class answers, “AMERICA!” and he goes, “No. Croatia.” It was sooo funny! Sister Smith and I were dying!!!

We were also dying when I mouse climbed into our dish drainer. Which dish drainers here are a little different… they aren't just like a basket…. But its like a whole little plastic cupboard for all of your dishes…. So we had to carry the whole thing out with all the dishes in it and then I stood on a chair and poked at the little rat with a crusty old mop until he scurried out.

Sister Smith and I have just discovered how awesome our balcony upstairs is! We love it! We spend like every single night our there! It’s so awesome and quiet! All of our neighbors are working abroad…. So its just a lot of empty houses…. Always quiet. J I love it! I also love YEMA bread…. It’s the best! It’s so delicious! I don’t even really know what it is… I just know its good and super cheap!

We have been seeing these pink blob things all over everything everywhere that we go… it sorta looks like a big wad of bubbalicious bubblegum…. Turns out that they are snail eggs… I think there is going to be a plague of snails based on how many that we have seen!!!

We were looking for 2 two of our investigators this week. Josephine Duke, and Josie Pindoke. Take a look at those names….. yup we definitely should have played more mad gab before the mission…. Then we would have realized that they are the same person.

We taught a less active this week… I stole. His whole pack of cigarettes and his lighter. He was like Sister that’s against the rules for you to smoke! I was like freak I’m not gonna use it! I'm gonna dump em!!! Haha it was so funny! I am a little thief now. J I also stole some ashtrays from an investigator…. Oops!

Soda in a bag
Love you all! I'm about to reach my 6 month mark! I will be home before you all know it!

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