Monday, September 16, 2013

Ilakano and 7/11

Beside from that we have been doing really well in the area, we have still been finding a lot and every now and then we find that someone that is willing to listen to us. J That’s always really nice. Sister Smith is still doing really well, she’s kind of hit that stage where she thinks she doesn’t know anything and doesn’t want to teach sometimes….. but I will always just make her anyways. She’s a trooper she can make it through anything.

Our branch said that this week they are having a getting to know that missionaries with all of Paoay at this fun walk thing, so I am really excited for that! I think that it’s a really great idea to combine it with an activity to really get the people’s attention.

Man it would figure that President finally gives me a good companion and an area that I like from day one and then tells me I will get a new companion after 6 weeks….. how is that fair?!?! Hopefully at least we will stay in the same area! I love it here in Paoay! The members are so great! And working with Sister Smith really helps to speed the time along as well!

And this week we had 9 investigators at church! They were all older too! Which is so awesome! 7 of them came from a family that we found the other week after we had been punted the whole day and just decided to take a tryce as far away as we could. It worked we found some interested people who were ready to hear the gospel!

WE learned a new Ilakano song this week! It’s so awesome! I love it so much! It’s super hard to memorize because we have no idea what any of it means, but it is super fun to sing! Also this week!!!!! SEVEN 11 opened! We are going there right after we are done emailing here! I'm sure we are working it up to be a way better experience than what it is going to be, but I'm still excited!!!

We have two baptisms this weekend! I'm sooo excited! Man I love Paoay soooo much!!


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  1. thanks again for your post. It has cooled off here. after noon thunder showers. Howdy