Monday, September 23, 2013

The work will go on

This  week was a really great week, but kind of slow at the same time. It seems like the weeks always go by a lot slower when you have a couple of days when you aren't working. Monday night we had a really great family home evening at one of the members house. It was really good because we invited one of our investigators (her relative) and she came with her mom! we were so glad that we had prepared a really great lesson about the Plan of Salvation because they all really loved it! What we did is we met with all of the family members and everyone that was there, and then we presented a plan to them where they were going to go into the other room while we hid five pieces of paper for each of them (they each had their own color) and when they came back into the room, they had to find the pieces of paper to get a treat. They came back in and they were all really excited to find the papers. On these five pieces of paper we wrote faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. And for some of the colors, we took the pieces of paper so that they couldn't find all of them. The came back in eagerly searching for the pieces and some of them found them easily, while some searched hard, but couldn't find all of the gospel. At the end we gave out the glories (or size of candy- haha ) and explained to them that this is how that Plan of Salvation is and sometimes we don't know where the fullness of the gospel is, and we can't reach our highest glory in the kingdom of god. |Then of course we told them about missionary work and how we can  help others to receive this glory by giving referrals to the missionaries.... we didn't get any referrals.... but it was still effective because the mother of our investigator said that we could teach her now too.... self referral?

On Tuesday, the branch was involved in this walking this super early in the morning. I'm all about walking and stuff.... but whose idea was it to tell us that it started at 4:30 and then not start until 6... I definitely could have done with some more sleep, but it was really fun and it was a good opportunity for the community to get to see the Mormons and get a little more familiar with the missionaries too. I'm sure we were a sight in the back as it was me, Sister Smith about 6 feet, Elder Payne, about 6 feet, and Elder Erickson.... about 7 feet. And we are all super white! for those of you that know me.... I was probably the darkest out of us all....

 The other exciting thing was of course on Saturday. We were supposed to have a baptism, but the weather was super bad..... as in typhoon bad and so obviously we didn't go out to work. But at three, we were supposed to have a baptism.... no power, when there is no power.... there is no water. We spent the good part of the morning praying that the power would come back on.... At 5 PM, the power cam eon and we filled the font! Success!!!  Take the Satan! You can't frustrate the work of the Lord! Maybe he should have read Helaman 5:12 before he tried to mess with us.

This week we had ZTM…. Again? And it was awesome! Okay…. It was just okay, but we did get to see a ton of other missionaries and that’s always awesome! I got to see Elder Ostler and Elder Reber! Go batch! And Elder Castillo and Sister Webb! I love them! AND Sister Dillman and Sister Richards!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! Man! And what/who I love even more is Kristi! She sent me the best package ever! She is the best friend ever!

I was pretty homesick this week…. That sucked.

Haha yesterday we had a song practice at the church and some of our investigators were there so we were trying to figure out what they could do since they were just hanging out at the church and we had already taught them. So we remembered some of the YSA were in the family history room doing family history work of course! SO we went to ask if our investigators could come and join them, when we got to the door, we heard music and they were being loud….. we thought, oh maybe they are practicing a dance (cause there is some performance thing coming up) well we didn’t want to walk in if that was what was happening so we decided to go around and peek in the window to see what they were doing…. They were playing cards! In the church! Man! We told them all to repent. It ended up being gold fish, but it was still pretty funny!

Sister Smith was sick this week. She still worked though, She is the best!

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