Monday, September 9, 2013

All good things must come to an end :(

The weeks are really flying by here in Paoay, although the work still continues to be difficult we are pushing through and learning a lot as we continue to work hard. This week, Sister Smith started taking the lead in daily and weekly planning and she pretty much did it like she has been doing it all along… she is a professional.
On Monday we got punted from about 6 appointments all within an hour so we might have been feeling a little bit on the bitter side and decided that we just wanted to leave! So we went to a barangay that has no 15 focus in it, no former investigators, as far as we know it has no members or anything in it! And there we decided to start planting. It wasn’t too hard because everyone there was super nice to us and after we got done teaching them…. The referred us to more people. WE like teaching over there. J
I think that Sister Smith was having a bit of a rough day on that day because she wasn’t feeling well, so that night we came home and rested a little and then we were right back to it on Tuesday!
We have discovered that our new favorite thing is teaching at the church when it is open. It quiet, the investigators can feel the spirit, and there are ALWAYS fellowshippers! Plus the investigators get to feel more comfortable with being inside of the church. AND our chapel has carpet! What more could you ask for!
This week we did get lost in the other sisters area…. It should have been a straight shot… but we definitely got lost. We don’t like to walk on the main raid because people always yell at us as they are driving by so we always take a back road. This time we were walking home and decided to take the sisters side because “It would lead straight to our house.” Well…. We ended up walking about a half a mile past our house walking out to the main road and walking back to our house. The moral of the story…. Don’t cross areas.
We had a really great ZTM this past Thursday. Elder Bledsoe and Elder Meyerhoffer really have a way of getting people excited about the work and trying to do their best to make the work progress forward! We have been applying what they have taught us to our personal and companionship study and we have noticed so much a difference that it has made in our teaching and our planning.
We also had stake conference this past week and we had a lot of really great musical numbers that we were working on. There was this one musical  number that Sister Smith and I would just laugh through every time because we thought that the words were so silly. After we sang the song though every speaker got up and cried about how beautiful it was and how that is their favorite song and then they pretty much just talked about that for the rest of the time…. Haha Sister Smith and I were dying! We also sang I am a child of God in Ilakano… that was pretty awesome we are pretty much profesh now. J
We finally taught WENDEL!! Haha he is this investigator that we met forever ago and have never taught yet but we always say his name because it makes us laugh and then we finally got to teach him and everything went really good and he was a really receptive…. Who knew all of these things that we laugh about would actually be the things that make our weeks go so well.
Speaking of the week going well we taught this one man named Chester…. We have been trying to teach him since we got here but only kinda sorta…. He’s afraid of the missionaries so we decided to kind of build relationships of trust first and not even try to teach him for the first couple of weeks, so that is what we did. THEN on Thursday or whenever that was that we went there we were like okay today is that day that we are finally going to get to teach CHESTER! (I know… the names here in the Philippines!) And we got there and his wife who is a member was totally ready for us! She coached us on what to say and what not to say (he doesn’t like to be asked a lot of questions. He just wants to listen) Then we tried to teach him and e wouldn’t come out of the house. So we set an appointment for the next week and his wife was way bummed. Then we went and tried their neighbor and she wasn’t there so we were about to leave when we see his wife Rona practically jumping out of her hammock waving us over because he was outside! So we hurried over there and said, “Ah ha! Here you are brother! We are going to teach you now!” Which sounds a lot less lame in Tagalog…. And he laughed and FINALLY let the missionaries teach him! He is totally gonna get baptized I just know it!
We have 2 baptismal candidates that are going to be baptized this nest week. J Ellen Mae and Maykene. They are so great! I love them!
I want to go to Disneyland so bad!
Man! At the stake conference, don’t get me wrong, I love other missionaries, but when they all flock around me and sit by me and latch on to me and Sister Smith, I get a little bugged. I told Sister Smith and I thought that she was going to be like, Wow you’re over reacting…. But instead she felt the same way! No culture gap there! I like Sister Smith more and more the more that I get to know her!
OH! One more thing sorry this is so long! Yesterday it was a zillion degrees outside and we were walking out in the blazing hot sun, And while we were walking it wasn’t so bad, but if you stopped walking the road basically burned your feet and your turned instantly crispy! Well there we are minding our own business when a crazy man in a tricycle comes up to us and starts talking to us…. Right in the middle of the highway! For like 10 minutes! He was trying to prove to us that he had lived in America and taught music and that he wasn’t crazy! Meanwhile we are standing there trying to be nice while our bodies slowly melt away! By the time that we got done…. We were both soaking wet with sweat and our feet were burned so bad! Crazy old man!
I miss you Sister Woahn and Sister Tauti! Take care of my RC’s for me!

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  1. We have been hot here for the last month but not like it has been for you. Finially got some moisture. Keep up the good work. Howdy