Monday, December 3, 2012

Angry dogs and answered prayers

I have very little motivation today to write a blog . . . mostly because nothing too exciting happened this last week . . . but I will see what I can do. I finally got a bunch of letters in the mail!!! Yaya! But they decided it was a good idea to hold all of our packages until Christmas Conference so that it will be more merry for us. While that might be true. . . I'm still a little more than bitter about it because I know that my mom sent me advent stuff and now I don't even get to do it! I'm upset.

 For the great story in how the Lord is watching over us. My kasama and I were walking back to our apartment from a teaching appointment, minding our own business, when two huge dogs ran at us barking and growling! NO joke I've never said a prayer so fast in my entire life! Please don't eat us! Oh my goodness.... our hearts just stop! But they literally stopped like a foot away from us like they were on a chain or something.... but they weren't! It was crazy! then they just circled us and kept barking and growling when the owner finally came and got them..... crazy! We definitely said a prayer of thanks after that.
That's all... sorry I'm lame

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