Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Okay looks like this is going to be a short one! But Merry Chirstmas and Happy New year everyone! It was a really great week this last week... and why was it a really great week you might ask?!?! Well because I got to Skype with my family of course!!!! It was just grand. At first they hadn't added my on skype, but luckily, my grandpa did and he was online! So I skyped with him for a little second(cried like a baby) and then he called my family and told them what was up! In no time at all I was skyping with them! Yaya for technology!
I had my first exchange this last week with Siste Quiles, it was really fun I really enjopyed it. When I got back to Siniat also everyone was soo happy to see me! They all thougt that I had left for good! But no... I'm still here for another three months:) They can't get rid of me that easy.
Thats right, I'm here for another three months:) I'm training for the next two transfers:) so we will so how that goes! Im really excited about it and nervous at the same time!!!
For new years tonight my companion and I will probably watch the restoration or the District training videos or something... I know.... don't be too jealous now! But Christmas was super great! We got to spend it in Viganm with the Sisters there and we got to go to the zoo! Yaya!
We had one baptism this week, Roann:) He was a golden investigator:) It was so great, her brother Delmar was able to baptize her, he was the first baptism that I had here.

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