Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

Christmas conference was awesome! We got there (Laoag) around 2:30 when we would be starting and I was already feeling a little emotional and stuff, so we are waiting inside the church and in walks Elder Ewell (from my MTC batch) I almost started to cry. But I composed myself and went up to talk to him. As I started talking to him I was barely keeping it under control when out from behind him pops Elder Reber.... I wasn't prepared haha I just started crying and awkwardly left. Went to the bathroom and composed myself and came back out and started talking to them. As I was saying "just wait till Sister Woahn gets here, I'l be a wreck!" IN walks Sister Woahn.... yup... I cried like a baby. We caught up and I was able to talk with her a lot. :) Later we had a service project at the hospital and a really nice dinner at the mission home:) The best part of the night though was getting the packages from my mom. :) She's the greatest! And yes... Again I cried.

During one of our appointments this week the members gave us a watermelon! Of course it was one of our first appointment of the day and I had to carry it around in my purse for the rest of the day! We laughed about that for a while.

My word of the week is: makapananahanan

This week has been interesting.... not much work because on saturday my companion was sick all day. I cleaned the whole apartment and wrote ALOT of letters. These are the people who can expect a letter from me:
Grandpa and Grandma Schultz
Sister Heidi Woahn
Nicole Waxman
The 8 children from the elementary school who wrote me:)
Mrs. Yates
Sister Davidson
THe Jeppesons
Aunt Tammy and Uncle Benny
Uncle Bryan and Aunt Fauniel
Leticia Harris

... it was a productive day for me:) Which is good because yesterday it was my turn to be sick. I stayed in bed all day and slept... at night... I slept too. and that was all:)

This is a picture a member drew for Christmas.
This is a picture a member drew for Christmas.

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