Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving and Tricycles

I had to give a talk in church yesterday.... in all Tagalog. I wrote it all out in English and the \n my companion translated it into Tagalog for me.... there was this one word... larawan,,,, I just couldn't get it! I messed it up every time and everyone just laughed at me. I felt so frustrated! Afterwards everyone in the ward came up and told me how to say it, and then they congratulated sister Francia on writing such a wonderful talk for me. What the heck!2 I wrote that talk! haha She told everyone that though, so it was good:)
Thanksgiving was really good:) we had cooked ham, mashed potatoes, corn peas and ice cream! Oh man... I'm such a great cook haha.

I am obsessed with sticky rice! It is soooo goood! Apparently it takes a lot of work and it pretty much takes all day to cook, but I don't even care! I'm gonna learn how to make it and make it every Christmas when I get home! I love it so much! There is a family here that makes it everyday and then sells it.... we teach them.... and every time we go over there they give us a huge plateful of it.... oh man oh man do I love teaching them!
My word for this week is kasingningning which means as bright as. its difficult to say. :(
Lastly, we teach a couple of people in a barangay called sallacapo, and to get to on of the houses, we have to walk across a super sketch bridge. its pretty much 4 pieces of bamboo that go across the water.... we usually just walk the mile around to get to their house. I will try to get a picture though.

Questions this week

Have you met many people not from the the Philippines? In Spain I met people from EVERYWHERE. Apparently Spain is a hoppin' spot. 
I haven't really met anyone from anywhere else..... sorry, that's lame.

What's a common thing people know about the United States? example: People always asked if I lived close to New York City. They always knew big cities like NYC, L.A. and Miami. 
California! Everyone here knows California ... in their opinion, that is really the only thing that exists in the United States.

What food do you miss the most? I just miss knowing what I am eating.... most of the time I'm eating things that I have never even heard of before. The veggies here are delicious though... so I won't complain too much about those.

How hot is it really and how do you deal with that? It's usually around 97 degrees. I wouldn't say that I really deal with it. My hair is always up. I always put sunscreen on my face, I sweat from every pore and I'm always sticky. We shower twice a day and they are always cold showers, which I don't mind, because it is basically the only part of the day that you are even close to feeling cool.

How do they celebrate Christmas there? Are the stores decked out? Christmas music? Not too much Christmas music, but there are a lot of decorations.

Do you do much public transportation? If so what is it? 
 For transportation, we mostly go around on tricycles. Which is a dirt bike with a driver and then a little, I don't know how to explain it, like a bucket seat.... only more legit. Best as I can describe it, I would say that its like those cages that they have at lagoon that you sit in, they are pink and purple, and you can spin in them.... it's like a Ferris wheel, but you spin your cage and you can lock it upside down and stuff... you know what I am talking about?

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