Monday, November 12, 2012

Mashed potatoes and pancakes

well..... this is taking forever to upload so we will just type this blog of mine. Not much new to report this week, we have been working really hard and it is really hot. I did get to make mashed potatoes though! The food of my people! they were delicious!
Sunday at church one of our recent converts, LJ, gave me a friendship bracelet. With me being all emotional now and stuff I almost cried.... no joke. Moments like that are what help to make it worth while to be gone from everyone that you know for just this short time. 
I found "my investigator" though this week.... well she's not really an investigator, she is a less active, but for some reason, I'm like obsessed with teaching her, even though she made me cry the first time that we taught her cause she was so mean. We went back and I was surprisingly really happy to see her and felt very comforted just being around her. We are basically best friends now. I think she is 64.... I cant really remember.
I'm getting better at cooking pancakes in an actual pan now, I just had to modify the recipe a bit so that they would turn out better.
Great news! We found a post office somewhat close to our apartment today so I was FINALLY able to send some letters home. Still haven't gotten any yet, but that's okay I will just keep pretending that I have some to make myself feel better lol.
One of the less actives that we have been teaching, his name is Reginald, and he was able to bless the sacrament for the first time on Sunday! He was soo happy he had the smile of a four year old on Christmas the whole time! It was awesome. I think he is like 30.
We taught one lady that used to be my favorite, but she told us that she would prefer it if I didn't talk during the lessons anymore.... so now she is not my favorite. Yup... I cried pretty hard after that one. 
I think that that is pretty much it. I really want to hear from you all at home! So don't forget to write!

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