Monday, November 5, 2012

Rough times

Okay... so Another short one probably.... but there was a lot of stuff that was going on this week...... but we will see what we have as far as a blog goes.... This week we went and visited an investigator that hasn't been baptized yet, but he is so great! When we got there though, they were just about to eat, so we sat down to eat with them and they were eating crabs... little tiny baby crabs. That was an adventure for me because I had no idea how to eat them, it took me like 20 minutes just to get it open and then there was only like one nubble of edible stuff... not worth the time....

And here is where I (Cathy) have to cut in. This is what I had on my email at 11:08 p.m. last night. It had only been in my inbox 21 minutes and it said to be continued at the end. I of course knew from that, that she must still be online, so being the responsible sister that I am, I emailed her real quick to see if she was still on. I remember on my mission that sometimes my dad would be at his computer while I was doing email time and we could email back and forth for a bit, kind of like instant messenger, but not quite so instant. Anyway, she never got around to finishing her email because we were emailing back and forth, so that first little paragraph is all you get this week, but I'll share a few things I got from her and some things my mom told me this morning as well.

She's been sick and she's feeling homesick. She's frustrated with the language and stressing because she'll be training in January. The ward she is in is really struggling because of the missionaries who were there before them who were not very good and actually got sent home early. 

Normal mission struggles, but struggles none the less. I'm sure she could use all the prayers she can get and letters would be a great boost. Mailing info is in the sidebar.  She's one tough cookie and I know she'll make it through. I'm doing that "Be thankful for something everyday in November" thing and this was what I chose for yesterday. 

November 4
I was struggling to think of something to be grateful for today. Not that I don't have things, but I didn't have anything that really stuck out that I was particularly grateful for, until I just checked my email, because you know it's Monday in the Philippines and that means it's p-day for my sister. To my great surprise and delight there was an email, but it was short and said to be continued at the bottom so I looked at when it was sent and it was only 21 minutes ago! Do you know what that means!? That means she's on right now so I can email her and it's like instant messenger, only not so instant, but we can have a sort of normal conversation through sending emails back and forth. I did that with my dad on my mission. BUT back to my grateful thing for the day. I'm grateful for my SISTER!!! I just love her. She can always make me laugh and make a sour situation great. She is strong and determined and full of life and love and energy. I love the inside jokes we have and how when we both get laughing it can go on and on and we're both crying and can hardly breathe. THAT is a good time. Who knew that my mom was right, when I was 15 and my sister was 9 and I didn't want her to tag along with me and my friends and I just didn't really want a sister, and my mom said, someday you'll change your mind and she'll be one of your best friends. True statement. Mom is smart. I miss her like crazy with her being on the mission and sometimes I go to text her to ask her something or tell her something funny only to remember she's in a different country and won't be able to respond, but I'm so proud of her for going on a mission and being an example to my family. She's a gem and I'm glad if I only have one sister that she's it.

What a blessing to our family to have a missionary out right now. We sure love her and are proud of her for her service to the Lord and the people of the Philippines. 

She sent this picture, I don't actually know what it is besides what looks like food and a cake . . .

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