Monday, October 29, 2012

The woman I will NEVER forget

okay this weeks blog.... it's not going to be super long because I'm sort of feeling like I don't want to type or something hahaha but! This week has gone really great! We had two more baptisms, LJ and Magie and that was really great! We did have one really interesting experience with one lady that we were teaching.... I will write you what I wrote in my journal that day:)

October 23rd
... don't worry though, that's not the strangest thing that happened to me today. For our last appointment we went to teach a sister that lives just down the road from us, (we decided that she's not really interested, she just wants someone to talk to in English) and her friend came in the gate, I was thinking, "oh perfect! she looks very interested!" she was interested all right! but not in the gospel, in me! She came right up to me and said (in English) 'I'm sorry, but when I saw you, I felt something, and I feel I need to talk to you." 
I'm still thinking, "Oh this is Perfect! She's going to be the perfect investigator!" Wrong! She then says, "What's your name? I need to know." At this point she is sitting RIGHT next to me with her hand on my knee, which I thought that that was a little weird, but I'm still going with that golden investigator thing.... still wrong. I tell her, "My name is Sister Schultz." She rubs my knee (which i thought might have just been an old lady thing) and says, "will you write it down for me please?" Perfect! Pass-Along card! She asks me to write where I live too, that's when I thought to myself, "wait what? What is this?" So I just write, "taga America" she was like "no! no! Which house where are you live now?" I didn't tell her, then she says, "you're so beautiful, I love you, I just am wanting to give to you a hug! Please Don't forget me! Oh I love you! You are so beautiful" What the?!?! Oh wait.... still gets weirder....
She gets up and awkwardly shuffles behind me and puts her hands on my shoulders like she was going to give my a shoulder rub... but no. She just stood there for like 2 minutes.... and there's me.... just awkward, chillin' with her hands on my shoulders. Finally my kasama says "okay, that's enough." Cause they were all talking with the other lady this whole time) and the crazy lady (still standing behind me) reaches around and hug/holds my head and starts crying into my neck (me, still awkwardly just sitting there... i pat her arm) she just keeps sobbing, "please! Please! Don't forget me" After that she ran out, OVERTAKEN with sobs and emotion... oh man....

Since then she has chased us down the street a couple of times and we see her almost everyday. I don't think that she needs to worry.... I will NEVER forget her:)

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