Monday, October 15, 2012

Temple, baptism and one really long trip.

Where to star,t where to start!?!?! Okay so we left the MTC and went by bus to the airport:) I slept:) But it was really good:) Then we got to the airport and I got to call home and stuff that was really great except the calling cards really only let you call one person... LAME.... so I only got two phone calls, which is better than Elder Reber I guess, because his card didn't even work, but to all those moms out there with trustworthy kids, I suggest doing what someone in my district did. Their mom sent them a prepaid phone right before they left the MTC and they just used that to call.... cheap... effective.... that's the way to go. When we got to the airpot the man printed off my boarding pass and when I left he said I think I gave you all of the passes... he didn't:( so when I got to LA everyone else had three more boarding passes and I had none, so I had to go and get all that worked out. After that I made some calls  and then it was off to Hong Kong. On all of my flights I sat by Elder Wright Elder Wilson and Sister Woahn (w's... makes sense) I slept for a little, but tried to time it so that it wouldn't be so bad for me to adjust to the time in the Philippines... I did pretty well.
From Hong Kong to Manilla it was a short flight but still good. I can't remember much about it so maybe I slept... Or wrote in Sister Woahn's journal... One of the two. When we landed in Manila we were greeted by Clem (After going through a ridiculous amount of security) the church travel coordinator. He took us to the hotel where we would be staying for the night. It was only like 12 at this point and I REALLY REALLY wanted to go to the temple in the Philippines but no one said anything about being able to do so  I was a bit sad.. okay really sad. So everyone was talking in the lobby with an Elder that was on his way home, but I wasn't all that interested so I just played the loner and read my scriptures on the side, which turned out to be awesome because as I was doing so a man came and started talking to me about it.... the whole time I was just thinking Crap! I don't have a pass along card!.... but it was still good. 
Then we went back up to our room and a sister who was on her way back to India to continue on as a missionary (because they just reopened sister missionaries in India) was in our room and she was going to the temple... She was the cutest  tiny little sister that I ever did see! And she couldn't find her temple recommend and she was really worried about it so when Clem came to get her he saw that she was upset about it and offered to have us come along... YES!!!! That was so awesome! So Sister Woahn and I got to go to the temple! Which we found out afterwards that they don't let missionaries go anymore so it was double awesome!!!
Manilla to Laoag was a short flight but had the BEST EVER movie training thing where they show you all the emergency procedures... I took a video of it:) So Someday you can see it:)
Picked up at the airport by President and Sister Barrientos and they are the greatest ever! I just love them! Then we went to the mission home where we stayed the night. They fed us a huge dinner of roasted pork and other stuff, and bananas!!!! But these are not like our bananas... these are the best bananas you will ever eat in your whole life!!! Oh man they are soooo Good!!!!! I can't even explain how good they are...\
Then in the morning we met our new Kasamas! Mine is Sister Francia! She is so great I just love her!!! She is very patient with me and speaks really good English. We moved into our new apartment and it is very nice and the next day took the bus to Vigan for conference. Came back and did some shopping and then the day again was over I was trying so hard to stay awake doing anything that I could, but I was falling asleep writing in my journal, so at nine my kasama said that we could go to sleep. Oh I forgot! On the way home I sat by a man who I'm pretty sure was a member, but he didn't speak any English but wanted to talk to me the whole time.... so that was fun! Yesterday we went to conference again and on the way home we taught one of our investigators, LJ, she is twelve. We taught her about the baptismal covenants and I asked her to be baptized in three weeks and she said that she would be:) All in Tagalog:) Look at me go!

Now we have 2 baptisms brother Dlemar and LJ

The Philippines is great! The traffic is crazy! there is not traffic rules at all! When we got here Clem said that the only two traffic rules that they have are, fill in the gaps and do [not] run anyone all the way over.... which is true.

On the shoulder of the road they harvest the rice to dry it out. It is always hot here but I just love it! People stare at me no matter where I go because I am literally the ONLY white girl that they have ever seen in Sinait:) It's great:) One lady came up and kissed my neck the other day.... that was a little weird.....

love you all send me letters!!!!!

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