Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Turkeys and Nuggeting

Not much to report this week, but the next week is going to be amazing! Since I might not be able to write about it next week, I will do so right now because I am so excited about it! 
So today is P-day.... enough said, and we got to go to the temple and eat omelets.... so that was awesome! AND My beautiful, sweet, charming, talented, humble, spiritual, responsible, caring, great future wife of some lucky man, sister of mine was at the temple! YES!!! that's like a turkey! (like in bowling).
I think I told you all before that we started playing lightning at the MTC. Well the other day the line went from one end of the gym to the other, we are basically the greatest... When I was playing basketball this vicious girl from Japan (that's what we call people who are going places.... she's from America, but we call her Japanese... I'm a Filipino) Anyways, she fowled me way bad and slammed me into the bleachers and I have bruises that correspond with the placement of the stairs all the way down the right side of my body. That's great fun!
In other news, the doctor told me that calcium should have broken up enough to run on now, so I have been running on it and it doesn't hurt! Yaya for doctors! I can still only go like one mile though.... but I will take what I can get!
Back to this week. So when you are here for long enough you get to "host" on Wednesdays, which is when new missionaries come into the MTC and you get to show them all around the MTC and take them to their room and their first class. Then you ditch them! hahaha Just kidding... But seriously.
Then on Thursday!!!!! This is really awesome! So the Ambassador for the Philippines to the United States is speaking at a forum and he is going to come to the MTC and observe one of the Districts that are going to the Philippines.... whose district you might ask.... oh it might happen to be the one that I am in! crazy! We are all very nervous but very excited! Him and the President of the MTC are going to spend the day in class with us! Oh man!
Then on Friday it is in-field orientation which is where they prepare us to actually be out in the world and be missionaries.... so we won't scream at people THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE!!!! We will be civilized people lol.
Saturday and Sunday are conference, and then on Monday I am outta here! Yes!!! Philippines, you better be ready for my blonde hair and crazy ponytails, cause I'm on my way!

Something really funny that we did in class the other day: So our teacher is always telling us how he nuggets the other teachers backpack..... well the elders in our district wanted to get him so bad! and one day he came in and Sister Woahn and I were in the class room and he left so we were all alone.... and we nuggetted everything that we could in the room!!! It was hilarious! 
For everyone that doesn't know what nuggeting is, it's when you take someones backpack and take everything out of it, then you turn it inside out and put everything back in to it and zip it up so it's like a nugget! HILARIOUS! We did everything! Scriptures bags, backpacks, camera cases, purses.... everything! Even our own stuff so no one would suspect! And no one thought that the mature sisters would do it.... but they were wrong! Oh were they wrong! We got them so good! They still don't know, we are telling them tomorrow. videos to come! Love you all!!!
Mahal kita! (that is redundant... oh well)

-Sister Schultz

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