Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No time and broken feet

Oh hello there!
So jumping right into things, this week has gone by so slowly! We said goodbye to all of the districts this week and it was really sad, I'm afraid this blog isn't going to be very long because I don't have all that much time, but just so everyone knows.... I only have one week and six days left in the MTC! I'm so excited! Being able to attend the Brigham City Temple Dedication was really amazing... even though most of the elders slept through it. Last night I was pretty sick, and since it was Pday today, my kasama and I slept in! We got a full 9 hours of sleep! This is crazy talk!
As far as my foot goes for all of you that were interested in how my beating of the mile was going... it's not. When I would run my foot was hurting really bad and I had to go and get it checked out by the doctor. They took an x-ray and he said there was like a little hunk of calcium in there or something that was grinding against my bone and to not run on it for a while and take a gad load of ibuprofen everyday. I have now been cleared to run a wopping distance of 2 laps around the track... thats 1/5 of a mile.
Our investigators are doing really well, one of them has committed to be baptized just a couple of days before we are supposed to leave, so I am really excited about that!
I was able to give a talk in church on Sunday. So the way that they do it here is that everyone prepares a talk and then a select few are chosen to actually give that talk.... the Stake President made like a full 3 seconds of eye contact with me before that meeting started and I just knew that he was going to pick me. Being the well prepared speaker though... I quickly prepared something and went up and gave the talk!
The language is going really well. It has been hard for us to learn anything new since kasama ko was made sister coordinator. There is a lot of stuff to do with the younger districts so we haven't got to do much of anything in class anymore,,,, at night is the worst. That's when we go down and have devotional with them every night.... which for us means no writing in your journal and maybe one chapter of wimpy scripture study. They definitely need it though, so that is why we keep going.... we figure we will have about a trillion hours on the plane to catch everything up in our journals and our letters. Well that is pretty much it I guess. Travel plans on Thursday! I'm excited!
Another Elder in my district got hand foot and mouth.... we are just praying that the rest of us don't get it!
yup... that's pretty much it! Mahal ko kayo!
_Sister Julia Schultz

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