Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Book of Mormon Musical

This week has been really awesome and definitely gone by really fast. On Sunday my companion Sister Woahn was called to be the new coordinating sister! I'm so excited for her! Where does that leave me you might ask? Well since I'm the only other girl in the whole zone, I am now authorized to be a solo Sister, which means that I am a companion to an Elder Companionship. Usually I go with Elder Reber and Elder Wilson, they are my favorite, but I always feel awkward cause if I have to go to the bathroom, they have to take me and wait outside of the door for me to go. It's always nice when I get to see my companion after she's been gone for a while though!

We get our travel plans next week!!! So that's really exciting!

On Sunday we also had a pretty awesome devotional and he spoke about the Book of Mormon Musical (FYI he said in no way does he ever want anyone to see this). The man who wrote it isn't LDS, but his wife is, and in an interview, even the man said that it was the most vile disgusting play that anyone could ever see. He said that it should be rated R, but the church took this as a huge opportunity to get out there and let people know what we were all about. They got a huge jumbo tron and put it in New York Times Square and they were able to get the news out on taxis and everything. Within the first week of it being opened, hotels everywhere were calling Salt Lake to get more Books of Mormon because they had run out! Also since the man's wife was mormon, she still has a lot of respect for the LDS people and so he met with the church and asked if they wanted some free advertising space inside of the program. The LDS church has three pages on the Book of Mormon and where you can go to get one and find out more about the mormons. I just think that that is so amazing! That through what some would call a catastrophy, we have really strived and been able to have a miracle come out of it instead.

Elder Ostler was sick this whole week with hand foot and mouth sickness, he's gotten a lot better though and he should be able to come back to class from now on, so that is really great! Elder Ewell has been sick pretty much his whole time here at the MTC but has been working really hard, so keep him in your prayers!

At Gym we play lightning now, we started it a couple of weeks ago (my kasama and I) and everyone loves it! We pretty much have the whole gym in with us now :)

The older districts left yesterday, so now it's just us :( sad day :( well! Love you all!

Mahal Kita!

Sister Schultz

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