Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So for this week.
Not much happened so I will just tell you something really awesome that happened today instead of a week blog of boring.
So I told you about Elder Atoiguiy's mom (yup... still don't know how to spell that). But today was the day of her baptism. We started out the day going to the temple and then afterwards we were able to go to her baptism. Just being there for it you could already feel the spirit so strong, and I don't know, I guess I haven't been to a baptism in a really long time, and I definitely haven't been to the baptism of someone older than 8, but it was so powerful to be able to watch him baptise her.
Our entire zone got to go and we piled into the room.
I felt like a little kid as I knelt down right by the glass to watch, and I felt the spirit stronger than I have ever felt it before. I am so happy and grateful that his mom was able to share this moment with all of us. After the baptism we had bearing of testimonies, and Elder Antoiguiy got up to bear his testimony. It was really awesome, because his dad has not yet made the decision to join the church, and when this Elder got up to bear his testimony, he basically just pleaded with his father to listen to the message and pray to know that it is true. They have both seen so many blessings come into their lives because of the decision that they made to join the church.
The missionaries have been teaching this family for over two years, and the origional missionary that came to teach them was able to come to the baptism, and also their current two misssionary's parents were able to come. I know that the spirit of the Lord is true and that it blesses people, and I know that no matter what choices that they have made in their lives, that the only one that matters is the decision to come unto Christ and always have his spirit to be with them. whether it is thier first time making that decision, or their fifth, it is still the most important one that you can ever make.

Mahal kita!
Sister Schultz

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