Monday, October 22, 2012

Plumbing Problems and Testimony Sharing

First off I am in a super sketchy internet place that the only light is from the screen... Sketch but okay:)

This week was really productive! We were able to attend my first baptism!!! Yay! Technically it was Sister Francias baptism only because he was already gonna get baptized before I got here... but I will still count him... I did teach him once! So that was way awesome! there were little geckos in the baptismal font... I think that they wanted to receive the gospel too:)
After the baptism, we went out to teach with Brother and Sister Demars, some senior missionaries in our area, they are very straight forward in their teachings. There was a less active member that we saw on the side of the road and we stopped to talk to, they were shout/talking to him saying things like "your eternal salvation is in jeopardy here! You need to repent!" It was crazy... but effective, he did come to church....
Speaking of this less active, he is the plumber for the apartment that we were in...  why did we need a plumber you might ask? Well, its a brand new apartment and they didn't do the plumbing correctly so our toilet wouldn't flush.... not good.... so we haven't had a toilet all week.... I won't go much further into it than that, but let's just say that Sunday was definitely a blessing because they had bathrooms!
Since we are on the topic of Sunday..... I bore my testimony all in Tagalog... well there was some English.... it was so ridiculous! I was laughing the whole time because I knew how ridiculous I probably sounded to everyone based on the looks that they were giving to me. Oh man.... well at least Sundays might be a little more interesting to them now!
They have these really yummy treats here called a yum bun.... its pretty much just nutella inside of a hamburger bun.... yum! The name makes sense! they also, when they buy soda, it all comes in glass bottles and they have to return the bottles to the store so rather than making the trip home and then going back to drop off the bottle, they just pour the soda into a plastic baggie and use a straw to drink it. Effective:) 
this week we committed two 12 year old girls to baptism... maybe that was last week... I don't know... but yeah! So on Saturday we will have two more baptisms!
Tuesday was Sister Francias birthday! So that was really good! We didn't really have food.... (cause our apartment is new) so it was very makeshift.... we had noodles and chicken for her cake:)
Last but not least! Today we were teaching one of our investigators and as we were walking away, there was a girl who was reading the Book of Mormon... naturally we stopped to talk to her and found out that she was a recent investigator before the missionaries got pulled out of that area and she still reads the Book of Mormon, she was hoping that we would see her and share more about the gospel... so we did:) we are excited to continue teaching her!
New Comp Sister Francias

At the airport with Sister Woahn

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