Monday, February 3, 2014

Schultzy Gmae

okay sorry this is going to be a super rushed one! Nothing too great
happened this week! Except we had 10 investigators at church. It is
great to come into an area and have none and get it up so high. Our
biggest problem right now is trying to find enough time to teach all
of the people that want to get baptized! Hopefully they all get
baptized before I go home:) In other news:) I only have 38 days left
until I come home. "someday" is finally here! It's a lot different than
what I thought that it would be, but this version is WAY better! :)
And in final news Did you know that in the amount of 19 months you can
have 2 babies? I did it:) haha not literally:) but another baby was
named after me this week:) Her name is Schultzy Gmae:) Pictures to
come when I'm not using caveman computer:) Love you all!

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