Monday, February 17, 2014

Just push him in

Well, well, well... which would you like me to start with, the good news? Or the bad news? Well I will start with the bad news so that we end on a happy note. So we had a ton of baptisms lined up for before I left, and I LOVE them all so much! I'm so attached to them all. Well, six of the 11 that we have were a family... and they are all over 12 and the other day we taught them again about the Word of Wisdom....kill me now. :'(
5 out of the 6 of them have participated in some sort of word of wisdom issue in the last week (Coffee, cigarettes, or alcohol.) I was heart broken.... because it means that we have to push their baptism to the week after I leave instead of the week before:( I cried like a baby. As in the whole rest of the night :( They are still excited to get baptized, and they are preparing themselves better now, so I know that it is good for them, I'm just very sad:( Then our baptismal candidate for next week was all ready, then her parents magically figures out that it was the LDS church.... how they missed out on this through the whole process is a little beyond me, but they have forbidden her the get baptized. I kind of feel like, "What the? Why!?! Satan hates me!" It's so unfair! I worked so hard and I was so obedient. My heart is broken.
In kind of better news though! Spencer was baptized! He was the one that was deathly afraid of Elder Seumanutafa.

Well we were really nervous about the actual ordinance of baptism because he is soo shy. But he went straight into the water with a big smile on his face. ITS A MIRACLE!!! I said, then he got baptized... yes!!! BUT!!! his dad said the wrong words.... and his hand didn't go under.... NOOO!!!!! They told him that he had to do it again and he just started bawling and ran out of the font. Then the dad was ticked and he left the church all together. Meanwhile in the bathroom, Sister Cabato, Spencer's mom and I are all trying to convince Spencer that it's not his fault and that they just have to go one more time....  now he's screaming that he doesn't want to go again.
Both his parents are members so his mom said that he had to go again. We had the other baptizer waiting in the freezing cold water and got Spencer to the stairs of the font.... still kicking and screaming. The baptizer is bobbing up and down in the water to try and help Spencer see that it's not so bad and that he can do it. But he still doesn't want to. (Oh by this time we also cleared all of the people out of the room so that it was just the two witnesses and his family) and the mom finally just says to the baptizer, just grab him and do it or he'll be really upset and never get baptized. I felt sick! I didn't know what to do:( He  was clearly ready and wanted to, but he was just so shy. Finally they got him into the water and baptized and when he came out he was completely fine and happy. It was a little reassuring, but I still felt like I was forcing someone to get baptized. The next day at his confirmation though, he was fine and just as happy as could be. I think maybe I have an ulcer now. Haha well, maybe not yet.... but another baptism like that and I just might.

ps. I just fund out that my very first RC just got his mission call:)

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