Monday, February 10, 2014

Just keep praying

So this week has been a really great week:) I was able to go on exchanges with Sister Copeland:) She is from Tennessee and she is so great! It was probably the least stressful exchange that I have ever been on before:) And also.... I LOVE my area:) Every appointment is the greatest ever! My stress levels right now are way up.... but not because we cant find people to teach.... its because we can't find enough time to teach all of the people that we are supposed to get them ready for baptism:) We have investigators that have come enough times to church and are keeping their commitments, but we haven't taught them all the lessons yet.... as a consequence, right now March 8 is looking pretty stressful.... we have 1 wedding and 9 baptisms planned for that day.... just keep swimming:) the water is looking pretty good after all.
On that note, we have a baptism coming up this Saturday and it was by far "THE MOST STRESSFUL INTERVIEW EVER!" Spencer is a 9 year old part member who has the gospel down solid. the problem? When he first meets someone, he WILL NOT TALK to them. We reviewed the baptismal interview questions with him and he was set to go, but once he got into the Interview with Elder Seumanutafa, he just froze.... he wouldn't talk.... then he hid in his shirt and started crying. Elder Seu.... called us in to talk to him and it took us an hour of teaching and running around and bribing until we finally got him to pray in the hallway while Elder Seu... sneakily listened in. His mom had to pray first in Ilocano, then I had to pray in English, Then Sister Canato had to pray in chubakano, then he prayed in Tagalog..... there was a lot of praying. After his prayer, Sister Cabato and I had to do the interview questions while Elder Seu... still hiding around the corner just listened in:) He passed!
Well then yesterday at church he was mad at the world and didn't want to be there.... more stress.... so we changed our plans and took snacks and the testaments movie over to his house to try and patch up his feelings towards the missionaries and church:) Mission success! At first he was really mad that we were there, but then once we started the movie, he was back to being our best friend:) Now we just have to make it through till his confirmation on Sunday:) Just keep swim.... oh I mean praying:)

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  1. Your always in my prayer my dear Sister...keep being God's army....