Monday, August 5, 2013

Sometimes people name their children after you

This week was... good but crap at the same time. It all started on Tuesday when we had district meeting and it just progressively got worse until President Barrientos came. Things improved, but then they got worse again, and lets just say that I am readily looking forward to transfers, even though it seems as though I am going to be in the same area again.... three areas on my whole mission? It appears that that is just how it is going to be. \
Well a couple of highlights from this week. We once had a baptism, and his name was Brother Rolden and His Wife's name is Jenny.... well, Jenny was pregnant, and to this date she hasn't been baptized because she has been pregnant with... a little girl! This last week, she finally had her little baby and guess what they names her!?!??! Julia Hazel! That's so awesome! Here are some pictures!

Look closely

Forgive me for the short blog but I still have to write President and We are out of time! But how are you all?!?!? I am missing you all and I really cant wait to see you.. in seven and a half months. The other highlight of this week was the two baptismal interviews that we had that will be baptized next week. The LA (less actives) that I offended are now returned to church and they said it was because I was so bold with them :) Thank you Heavenly Father:)

Love you all!
All my companions left on the mission

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