Monday, August 12, 2013

Change it is

This week has been a really.... difficult/ good week. First off, we had two baptisms this week! One: Julie Ann Malicad, she is so great and she totally has the strongest testimony ever! Actually her testimony made me cry after her baptism. She is about 21 or 22 and I just love her so much. The other baptism that we had was a tatay. J He is around 64 years old and his wife just got baptized 2 weeks ago. Right before his baptism, we taught them about eternal marriage and baptisms and works for the dead, and him and his wife were just bawling they were so happy (they have had three of their children die) They just are so excited to know the things that they know about the truthfulness of the gospel on the Earth. J It’s just tender.
In other news.... I got transferred. L They say that once you really start to love an area that that is the time when you get transferred and it is sooo true. While I don’t necessarily love the branch here all of the time, I am soooo attached to my recent converts and my less actives that it is just so hard to say goodbye to them. I really only cried in weekly planning when I prayed for all of them, But still it was pretty rough. I will be transferred to Ilocos Norte, to an area called Paoay. I worked there once on exchanges and it was really beautiful and the branch I hear is super progressing, so I’m excited but a little nervous. I never have opened an area before, and I will be training again.... probably an American, maybe a New Zealander. That would be pretty cool.
What I think that I will miss the most about this area is the Salvador Family. I just love that family sooo much and I have seen such a strong conversion process in them over the past 3 months. They are my favorite,. And of course the Teja’s.... I can’t make it through all that I have been with the Teja Family and not love the memories that I have had with them. Change is hard, but it’s one more growing step that will prepare me for the rest of my life. J The very hardest thing that I think will be for me though is going to be saying goodbye to Sister Woahn and Sister Tauti tomorrow morning though. L I love those two girls so much, they really are my Sisters and I am going to miss them so much! I’m definitely going to go and visit Sister Tauti after the mish.... and Sister Woahn... Let’s be real, we are like best friends, so of course I will visit her all the time. J
This chapter of my mission is just finishing up, but the next is just about to start. I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me.

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