Sunday, July 28, 2013

Only in the Philippines can you come from teaching a pirate and then walk through the 12 plagues of Egypt.

Well hello there Family! I miss you! And friends of course din! So this week was a pretty exciting week, okay not really but no one hated me this week and it seems to have gone by really fast, Just yesterday I feel like it was my dear sweet mother’s birthday and look! She’s already a week older! Lucky for you all, my companion has training again so I get to write  nice lengthy blog again. J Man I could really get used to this 12 week training thing. J
So this week, We…. Had a baptism! Yeah! One of our Nanay’s (old ladies) that we re teaching was baptized and her husband will be baptized in 2 weeks from now. J Yay for families and for strong testimonies! I am really happy about the progression in this area, we have a lot of baptisms set us now for the next coming weeks, hopefully they all carry through. J Yes that’s right the area is finally set up, just in time for…. Transfers… boo! That’s upsetting, but to everything there is a season. Sometimes when Sister Walker tells me that she has almost hit her 3 month mark, I think to myself, what! No way! Your last 3 months went so fast, but then when I think about it for myself, I think…. Man the last 3 months have gone by so slow! But definitely my time here in this area is going a lot faster than my first 6 months went in Sinait while I was still struggling to learn the language. Hopefully the same thing will happen in the next 7 months as well.
So this weeks favorite investigator, is still Julie Ann, she is the greatest! She has such a strong testimony, and when we give her reading assignments she not only reads them, but she researched them too so that she knows all of the answers to our questions. J She will be baptized in 2 weeks after her wedding. J We have this one less active that we teach and he makes me a little bit mad, and he kind of looks like a pirate, I was so mad after we taught him that while we were walking home I was just complaining to Sister Walker the whole time. Well also there has been a lot of rain here lately, and with all the rain comes a ton of bugs and grasshoppers, with an increase in bugs and grasshoppers, comes about a kjillion frogs! So as we were walking home we were also swatting at bugs and tripping over frogs, I thought to myself, “Only in the Philippines can you come from teaching a pirate and then walk through the 12 plagues of Egypt.”
We had a really sweet lunch appointment the other day , we got there and all the people were waiting until we got there so that they could start (because I had to bless the food first) I was a little nervous seeing as how there were over 2000 people there! But it all went well and the food was dang good!
I have officially started my diet, I figure I can tell you all and then update you every week so that I have some accountability of something, food here is just so good, what can I say?!?!?
This week we are working with Sister Pabricante in our area, I love having her with me and Sister Walker. She fills in all of my awkward silences. It’s nice, Like yesterday, we were teaching four new investigators (they are so awesome!) And the lesson just went so smoothly….. Ahh. J That’s nice! Another week down and only 32 more to go for all those of you who are wondering. J Don’t worry, I’m still keeping track! Love you all!!!!
-Sister Schultz

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  1. I just love being able to read your blog. Sounds like you are having great experiences. I know you are up to the task and are doing what the Lord wants you to be doing at this time. Bugs, grasshoppers and frogs. I bet you didn't step on them.

    Bye Howdy