Sunday, July 14, 2013


OH hey! My companion has online training to do this week, so I get to write a somewhat longish blog! I just have to press the spacebar really hard for it to work… so that is kind of lame. But this week has been really good as far as the teaching has been going this week! Sister Walker has made some huge improvements in the teaching and it is getting a lot easier to equalize the lessons. I actually threw lesson on her at the last second the other day because I had no idea what we were going to teach this less active about, and she totally dominated it. As far as things are going with the branch, they seem to be going really well this week, I mean granted they were all out of town for most of the week because of their temple trip, but it was still good.

This week our land lord people decided to turn off the water…. Without telling us. Man we already don’t get very clean because the water is like dingy brown color and smells really bad, but none of us could shower for like 3 days because they didn’t even both to tell us that they were going to turn off the water…. What the heck?! Luckily all four of us are getting pretty good at survival skills; this week we fetched water from a deep well so that we could flush our toilet. One week when we ran out of gas for the stove, we used hand sanitizer and matches to burn an old broom and some crunchy leaves so that we could cook some meatballs. We wash our clothes by hand; make our own curtains out of old bed sheets…. We are basically modern day pioneers! Although I think I will pass on taking a handcart to some of my areas!

This week’s progressing investigators are: Julie Anne! She is one of my favorites! She is the fiancĂ©e of one of our recent converts and she is so cute and excited for baptism! She helps teach primary every week even though she isn’t even a member yet, and she didn’t do her reading assignment in the Book of Mormon because she was too excited to read the children’s picture Book of Mormon that they brought back for her from the temple! Precious!

Another one of my favorite is Nanay and Tatay Artizon! They are so excited for baptism and so ready! The other day we were teaching Nanay and she was like, Sisters, I already know about fasting and tithing and (listing everything in the teaching record) then she says, “how much longer do you have to teach me until I can be baptized?!?! Ha-ha she is so excited!!

This week has sort of crept by; I feel a little bit like I have had 8 months left of my mission for the last 2 months…. Mostly because I have, but I finally broke out of it and am officially down to 7 months and 3 weeks! Yes! Not that I’m complaining, I mean I kind of am, but I feel like they should have at least let us pick whether we wanted to stay the extra transfer or not, but no…. they didn’t L So much for January. Something great is going to happen because we got extended I just know it! Actually I found out that I’ll be coming home with just 2 other people, Sister Woahn! Of course, and Elder Knowles, he’s from Utah…. I barely know him. But hey! At least Sister Woahn will be there!

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