Sunday, July 21, 2013

3rd world problems, zombies and cooking concoctions

This week was really a great week! We had an interview for one of our investigators to get baptized next week and she passed! Yeah, it’s sad that there actually is a question about that but our district leader is a little Nazi when it comes to baptismal interviews. After her interview he invited us into the room so that he could have a word with us, he doesn’t even say anything, but just points to a chair and there is a mint on the chair that says, “It’s a no!” My heart just dropped I was so mad, then he gave me another one that said, “No problem!” ha-ha I was still pretty mad. Afterwards he told us that we needed to make sure that she understands that God is a God of flesh and bones….. Um…. Where was that in the interview questions? Whatever she still passed.
This morning Sister Woahn was talking about a website called 1st world problems, where it says stuff like, “the batteries in my remote died so I had to get up and press the button to turn off the TV.” Stuff like that, so we have decided to do 3rd world problems.
“Every time I close the bathroom door a piece of the cockroach nest falls out…”
Man! I hate it when I open the door and it falls off!
The door won’t shut again.
The water isn’t working again.
The water is brown….
Man! We are out of gas! How can we cook our food!
We’re going to have to get water from the well….
Sick the giant spiders are back!
This week I got to go on exchanges with Sister Tauti! Man I love that girl, if it isn’t enough that she is just so kind and caring about people, then you can add in the she too loves Nazi zombies and then you might come close to understanding out bondmanship. J Man we were talking about zombies and laughing so hard that we both loved it so much and … ugh poor Sister Woahn and Sister Walker just had to listen to us, but we just had a moment…. I seriously laughed so hard that I almost peed my pants.
Oh Sister Woahn had a great idea! If there are an missionaries out there who are reading this who are coming to our mission, you can feel free to email me if you have any questions. J It's
I giant spider crawled across my stomach while I was making French toast this week….
There is a couple here that has been working with us a lot lately, and they are just so great! They are so dedicated to the church that I just love working with them. The other day we were teaching the Salvador family and they really want to go to the temple to be sealed s a family but they don’t really have the money for it, then the Arteta’s who also don’t have all that much money, were like don’t you worry about the money, we will take care of all of that! Amazing people. On the way back we were riding in their giant jeep thing and it was dark and we were in the jungle and stuff and just talking and I just thought to myself, “Oh my gosh… I am on a safari in the jungle in the Philippines talking to a Pilipino in their native language…. Weird/crazy experiences.
Yesterday we didn’t really have any real food in our apartment so we experimented with everything we had. We ended up making oatmeal chocolate bananas with pineapple syrup…. It was actually dang good! Even though the picture, if it will send, looks like a weird steak, it was actually a delicious pancake. J
That’s all for this week! Don’t forget to write me!
-Sister Schultz

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