Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tigers and snakes and Britney Spears OH MY!

So this week we went to the Balluarte for a zone activity... that's the zoo. Right as we got there they had a show and they were asking for volunteers.... no one was volunteering, so I volunteered. As I was standing there they came and put this giant yellow snake on me! Oh my gosh! I almost cried! Then we all held my snakes... and got a picture with a tiger.... that's real. I was standing like a foot away from it! I know it shouldn't be all that exciting for me cause I play with bears back home.... but I was still excited!
We should have a wedding this weekend!!! I'm way excited! 

Everyone's new thing with me is Britney Spears... they are convinced that I am actually Brittney Spears..... Goodness.

Happy Birthday to Cathy!

My kasama and I bought these hideous pants... they are huge in style here, everyone loves them.... judge for yourself! (I [Cathy] didn't actually get this picture, just an empty email so you'll have to look on facebook for this picture)

Sorry this is a lame blog... walang oras!

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