Sunday, February 10, 2013

Late nights with the locals

Well lets start off with a really funny story shall we? Okay so I’ve been in this area for quite a while right? Well I’ve started to get to know who lives in what houses and what sort of people they are and stuff…. So there is this one house in one of our barangays…. It's HUGE and BEAUTIFUL!!! It’s also what we like to call bahay ng pakiki-apid… or house of adultery. Yes, that’s right…. Its one of THOSE operations.
So the other night when my kasama and I were on our way home, we walked past it to get to the highway… it was late at night and it’s always really hard to find a tricycle to take us back to our apartment so sometimes we have to wait for a long time. Well, this man came over and was super nice to us and was trying to help us get a tricycle. Being the awesome trainer that I am I leaned over to my kasama and told her to teach him about the restoration…. So she started with How to begin teaching and quickly got to what his name was. As soon as he said his name, I just started laughing so hard (inside myself of course) because I knew that I had just told my kasama to teach the gospel to the “master of the house”.
We told him he should come to church (me still laughing the whole time) and he said that he can’t cause he has so many sins, so I told him that he should repentJ then my kasama asked if we could come and visit him and his family sometime and teach them about repentance (at this point I am basically dying) he said that he didn’t think it was a good idea for us to come to his house and when my kasama asked Why? Where did he live, he pointed to his house and said “there. In the house of sins.” Hahah I actually laughed out loud at this point!  He was very nice though and said that he didn’t think that him and all of his wives would be able to come to church!!! Later I explained to my kasama who he was and why it was soooooo funny!!!

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