Monday, January 28, 2013

The long way

So this week was really good and really awful at the same time, basically my kasama and I rock at finding people, btut as far as getting them to come to church it is a gigantic fail! We found 17 new investigators this week.... 12 of them said that they would come to church and 0 of them actually came. So there's that.

Other than that though we did have a baptism this week! Meet Kayezen, she's 9 and now probably knows more about the church than most members do.... her grandma had us teach her everyday for like 3 weeks so that she would be ready for baptism and we had already been teaching her four .... it was time. After her baptism I was shocked when she started bearing her testimony, due to the fact that she is always really quiet and I could actually hear what she was saying, she'd been going for about three minutes when I finally looked to the back of the room and saw that her grandma and cousin were mouthing her testimony along with her.... hahaha she had the whole thing memorized! She went for a good four to five minutes so I was definitely impressed! Astig si kayezen!

One of the young women in the ward worked all day with us on saturday, her name is Jozel, she is bassically one of my favorites, after the baptism we cleaned the church building with Sister Nancy and President Asuncion, it was way fun, Sister Nancy is my new favorite.

It's getting harder and harder to do anything here everyone knows me and it's more like I'm a celebrity than a missionary:( Still keep pluggin away though. 

The other day we were going to a teaching appointment when a whole herd of kids came and wouldn't leave.... they stayed with us for about 45 minutes but we couldn't go to our next appointment with them because there wouldn't be any spirit.... so I raced them..... then taught them a song... and by then we were down to maybe 20 and they just wouldn't leave, so we walked through "the snake field". There were no snakes of course, but the kids thought that there were, so we walked through this huge field and around onto the beach and we were walking through all this sand and then who do we run into but our teaching appointment! She was hiding from us but then took it as a sign from Heavenly Father that we had found her and committed to be baptised!! Thank you small children for following us so we had to take the long way around.

The world works in mysterious ways!

Special shout out to Melissa Kam and Mckenzie Edstrom!!! I miss you two! Also to you Sister Curtis! Mahal na Mahal kita! Agganad kayo!

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  1. Hi, this is Nicole Waxman. I had gotten a call from Julia's mom about a letter Julia had sent home from me. I emailed her, but don't know if she got my email. If not, my current address is

    966 N 900 E Apt 13
    Provo, UT 84604