Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My look a like

No time for a big blog, but I will just tell you real quick, this last week we were out finding and we walked past this one lady that I didn't even see, but my companion was like, sister Schultz can we stop here and we stopped and talked to this lady. It turns out that her whole family was former investigators, but the missionaries got pulled our right before they were supposed to be baptized so they were upset and didn't get baptized but they were really excited to learn from us again. When we came back we asked why it was that they are letting us teach them again if they were offended by their last missionaries? They said that I looked like their first missionary's sister and they had thought that I was but they just took it as a sign that Heavenly father wanted them to be baptized... I'll take it:) Thank you Elder Travis Mumford from 7 years ago for looking like me:)

A couple pictures I missed from last week. The top one is with Sister Woahn and the bottom one is her new companion Sister Sabio.

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