Monday, May 6, 2013

Singing in the rain, or maybe screaming in the rain

I'm finding it really hard to concentrate right now because the sister missionary next to me, bless her soul is looking at all of her pictures from her areas.... and she wants me to look at every single one of them! Why do I even have two eyes if I cant multitask with them!!! One more week one more week!!! I told my companion that I didn't want to skype while this sister was here because she always likes to distract me..... she agreed and said that it was a good idea:)

Well…. This week kind of crawled by. L My companions in my house, don’t get me wrong, I love them to death, but they are sooo disobedient! Even when people flat out tell us no they will still do it, and by people I mean our leaders. It is really hard to be obedient with them…. I am usually what they call the “kill joy”. It’s harder to stand alone in a crowd of missionaries than it ever was back home. But despite that, things are going really well!!!

How are you doing? I want news from back home. J How is good old America doing? I miss it!

This week we killed four of those giant spiders in our house!! Bless the poor sisters that come in next! They are never going to know what hit them!

The story of this week was that we had a huge rain storm at about 7:30 one night. My companion and I were walking home and it was sooo cold:) Here's me in my little tiny umbrella lol I got soaked! We had one more appointment on the way home before we could go home. We were walking and I turn around and I see this man running after us, I turn to my companion and I will admit, I was a little bit scared, and I say, "Mamamatay na tayo." Which means, "We will die now." Sure enough... we didn't die, but I think we might have come close! He runs until he is right behind us and the hair on our necks was standing on end. then all of the sudden he runs right past us! Whew! Safe.... except ten feet in front of us he stops. My companion and I were both like..... uhhhh...... so we crossed the street and he was just walking right behind us. There was a group of men across the street that we saw and so we figured at least we  wouldn't die in front of all those witnesses. Then I noticed on of the men in the crowd because I taught him this last week when I was on exchanges. I thought to myself, this is perfect, I will just talk to him and that other man will continue on his way. So we go up and start talking to our investigator..... THE MAN FOLLOWED US!!! We were so scared. We talked for awhile and he just waited... staring at us the whole time!!! So we eventually left and once we got onto the road we both just sprinted as fast as Sister Rosario could!!! pouring rain still.... we got soaked! We ran for like quarter of a mile until we got to our investigators house and then were just banging on the door saying Belis! Belis!!!! Which means hurry! Hurry!! They open the door and we hurried in. We stayed for a good hour and taught of course. While we were teaching, the power went out. It was completely dark outside! Luckily my companion had a flashlight. We walked the last eighth of a mile home in pitch dark and pouring rain. All the while trying not to step on the hundreds of frogs that were on the road because of the rain! That my friends is a true missionary story:)

Another missionary story that is kind of fun is that we are teaching a lady right now whose husband passed away and she has 3 little boys. Their house is probably the size of my bathroom back home.... which isn't very big, and has no locks.... or I should say HAD no locks:) We successfully pulled out our ace hardware skills and put some new locks in place to keep out the bad guys!:) It was a great day to say the least:) 

We are allowed to call our parents at anytime during this week that we want, I'm calling next week and talking to my whole family, but I got to skype call today and talk to my mom for about 5 minutes today:) Just her.... then my dad.... then my brother said hi:) It was really nice, and yes.... I wept like a child. All of the other missionaries here (there are 3) were just patting my back saying its okay sister Schultz:) I miss my family!! But I love this work!!!

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