Monday, May 27, 2013

Reunited and it feels so good

So this week has been really good. We had the trainers/trainee training in Laoag and I really liked that. The week that I was there in Laoag I worked in Laoag 2 area with Sister Webb and it was soo great! I loved working with her, there is just something about working with an American that I just love! She was really nervous about training and the language because she has only been here for 6 weeks and now she is training, but she totally doesn’t have anything top worry about, she totally nailed it!!!At training I was able to meet my new trainee!! She is sooo great! Her name is sister Walker from Pocatello Idaho…. We went to college at the same time, Craziness!!!! All in all there were 7 new American Sisters and they all looked a little shell shocked but I think that they will be just fine. J It’s crazy, when I got here, there were only 3 of us American missionaries here in the Laoag mission, but now there are 12 and there are 35 new sisters coming in in 6 weeks as well!!!! The work is definitely growing and I am so excited to be a part of it!!
When we went to dinner that night it was two of us white girls in the tricycle and they totally tried to rip us off!.... Not gonna happen!!! Yes! I’m so happy that I am getting street smart here so that I can save some monies. J But dinner was great! They actually fed us a lot! I can’t say that three meals all in like 4 hours of each other is my favorite, but it was really good food…..
Another thing that I am really excited for is the opportunity that I have been given to be in the same house with Sister Woahn and Sister Tauti!!! I have felt this last transfer like I have been having to fight just to work and be obedient but now it’s like we are instantly back in business!!!! They are such hard workers! (Probably the reason that they are Sister Training Leaders!!! But it really is such a blessing to be working with Sister Woahn again and have them help me as I am training.
We redivided the area this last week and so we have a lot of new investigators and people that we are focusing on and we don’t know where all of them live, so that has been challenging but really awesome as well, I am really getting to know the members well! Which brings me to the next point, obviously working in a companionship has its ups and downs, for me mostly ups, but teaching the lessons is a little challenging, I remember when I first got here I didn’t even bear my testimony in tagalong sometimes during the lessons, and it was super hard at concentrating, but lucky for me my companion is a lot better than I was when I first came in. And the branch here has really stepped up, we have people fellowshipping with us almost everyday this week….. LET'S GET THE WORK MOVING!!!!
On the way back to our areas we talked to the areas for ALONG time (6 and a half hours) And one of the Elders here, Elder Castillo, was like yeah I went to BYU-Idaho too! And we were like no way and he was like yeah I worked in the locker room…. I worked in the locker room….. who was your boss…. Jake and James….. when did you work there…. Last spring semester 5-10 am shift…. Oh what?!?!?! SAME SHIFT SAME TIME!!! This world is crazy!!! It’s crazy how we are all connected in some way or another!!!

I (Cathy) will try and add the pictures later. They keep malfunctioning. :/

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