Thursday, August 30, 2012

Phantom of the Opera

I had to type real fast.
Okay this week’s blog, it will be fast because this computer doesn’t have a timer so I don’t know how long it will take. The language has been going really well. We finally got a chance to teach a lesson to our Stake President in English and it went soooo well. I think that it was the confidence booster that we needed because we were beginning to think that we sucked at teaching really bad.
Our investigators have been going really well also. Manny, is one of our investigators, his wife died and he has two children and is a doctor. The other day we had a lesson and it was really awesome! We taught about the plan of salvation and at the same time, everyone started to cry, it was crazy!
I think I have figured out why it is forbidden to sing at the MTC (that’s a rule that I didn't really understand before, I thought it was really dumb) but it’s because whenever people sing, I usually want to punch them in the face. (or something to that effect in the most Christlike manner:)) So that seems to be a problem here, is that everyone thinks that they are the next star of the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, sooo annoying. Anyways, when people do try out for musical numbers and stuff, they are usually amazing! I was telling my kasama (companion) the other day that if the church music that comes out on cds and on the radio and stuff was as amazing as the musical numbers here, then I might actually like to listen to church music, but as it is, it’s usually the awful shower singers that are the ones that make it on the radio and get cds. What’s up with that? Yup.../; been typing for a while now and the girl next to me is still singing the phantom of the opera.... same song. Definitely have the spirit of contention with me right now.
Made it through week three! Yessss! Only twice that far to go until I make it out into the field!
Anyway if anyone wants to write to me, I’ve discovered that I am really good at writing people back while I’m in the MTC:) Can’t make any guarantees once I get out into the field! Love you all! Mahla Kita! (I love you!)

Watch these Mormon messages "Dare to stand Alone" and "Sanctify yourself" they really are pretty good, I love them!

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