Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm coming home, coming home, tell the world I'm coming home!!

Oh man! My last week.... and it was a doozy! When we last heard from Sister Schultz.... I was in Laoag. Turns out that I missed my bus back to Ballesteros that day, so Sister Cabato and I had to spend the night in Laoag again.... perfect.... we were supposed to have exchanges the next day. Luckily there was a bus that was going to leave the next day at 3AM... so we took it. Dropped off sister Cabato in Sanchez Mira and I picked up Sister Purificacion and we made it back to my area around 9:00 Am. I took a quick shower and then it was off to work! Probably one of the craziest exchanges that I have ever been on. We had sooo much to do! We taught some lessons in the morning and then had to go to an appointment that we had with the mayor for a wedding that we are planning.... then we had to check on the apartments that we were supposed to move in and drop off some mission mail to the district president. We got back to the apartment a little after lunch..... so I cooked and washed my laundry while she updated the area book (let me just remind you that my whole mission has been washing laundry by hand) at this point, my laundry doesn't get too dirty.... which is good, because when I wash it, I don't think that it gets too clean:)
Back out to work. We taught all of our appointments but when we got to our last appointment, with the Juan Family, the one that I love, Only Christopher was there..... so we told him to call his brothers and sister...... 30 seconds later we hear a stampede of people coming.... there was about 30 kids all between the ages of 5-18 that all wanted us to teach them.... so we taught them all. Don't worry that whole area now knows what tithing is, what the word of wisdom is, and they know how to bear their testimony:)

 Exchanges from day one... COMPLETE.
Next day I had to wake up early to prepare a training hat I was supposed to be giving at ZTM that morning. Crazy! They assigned me "a part" from the training..... well I didn't actually label my noted from the training, so I had no idea which part I was actually supposed to do.... but I was pretty sure I knew, so I just planned something awesome. 

ZTM. I was the first one to give my part of the training... oops... I accidently summarized the whole training:) haha but luckily that part that I went the most in to depth about was the part that I was supposed to give:) hehe. After ZTM, Exchanges again:) This time with Sister Shrack in Ballesteros, It was great! We taught the Juan families again:) I love them so much! They at this point are preparing for baptism on Saturday.

President calls that night. We have to go do paper work for the new apartments.... sigh. Oh yeah, and we have to re-split the area with the branch because they are adding elders to this area. Perfect. So we get a hold of the landlady, all the paper work is done. Friday. 

We start weekly planning and get through our other studies. Then it's off to the church for a meeting with the Branch President. Got the area split and it was back home. Did about 30 minutes more of weekly planning and then we had to go out to work. Worked.... taught the Juan family:) We watched the testaments:) They loved it!!!! I love them!!! There again was about 50 people at their house for the movie:) Which is good because we invited them all to the baptism on Saturday!

Saturday- Woke up early to finish weekly planning.... only I just ended up packing and doing more laundry while my companion did something else. We working in the morning and had some really great appointments. The baptism is at five. SO we had studies and then went to go to the church. Got almost all the way to the church when the office elders call that they need to pick up my suit case. Back to the apartment. Get the suitcase and we are back to the church. On the way there we saw... ELDER REBER!!!! Yay! He is in my batch! I love seeing my batch! 

 Got to the church and there was a ton!! of people there! and probably 20 of them were investigators!!! The baptism was AMAZING! It was so great! I'm so thankful that I stayed the extra 3 months to see my family get baptized! I love this family so much! I cried like a little baby when they were baptized and then when I bore my testimony at the end:) And then again when they bore their testimony:) Tears of Joy:)

 Finally Sunday- The day of rest..... or so you thought. Sunday was a great day! They were all confirmed and because the newest best members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Right after church Sister Cabato hopped on top of a jeepney and rode to Camalanuigan:) Surprise! President let us ride on top of the Jeep and go to visit my Recent converts in Cam! I didn't get to see them all, So I was really sad:( There was four that I didn't get to see, But I did get to see little Julia Hazel:) She's so adorable! WE stayed for a total of one hour and then it was back to Ballesteros! Slept for one hour in the van that we were in, and then went straight to work when we got back to Ballesteros. Taught and then had accountability:) Sigh.... breathe for one second, then back to packing... brown out... no lights. UGH!!!! 

Today- Woke up early, packed, the Elders came and we moved into our new apartment. It's now 3:30 and we have an activity at the church at 5.... Maybe I'll just sleep on the plane....

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